Chan Lab:

Autophagy nutrient sensing

Current Ph.D. Students

Ohood Radhi:  Studying the role of ULK1-mediated Xenophagy following infection by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Supported by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Iraq


Cells below show bacterial transport to lysosomes followed by lysosomal damage detected using Galectin3 (green) following infection with Salmonella typhimurium (DNA stain blue).  MRSA infection leads to a distinct profile of trafficking to its lysosomal niche.

Chinwe Nwadike:  Studying remodelling of the ULK1 complex in cancer cells subjected to metabolic stress.       Supported by Tertiary Education Trust fund, Nigeria

We see altered profiles of ULK1 associated proteins following different forms of nutrient starvation or hypoxia. We are interested in finding novel complex members.  

Chinwe also studies AMPK and ULK1 signalling:

See her paper.

Mahmud Abdullah:  Studying ULK1-dependent mitochondrial maintenance following nutrient starvation.      Supported by Lagos State Scholarship Board, Nigeria

Following amino acid starvation, mitochondria undergo hyperfusion to form interconnected networks to avoid mitophagy. We are interested in roles of MTORC1 and ULK1 signalling in this process.                      


Our previous students


Leon Williamson, 2015

Laura Gallagher, 2016

Martin Werno (Primary supervisor: Luke Chamberlain), 2015

Rebecca Mitchell (Primary supervisors: Gudmundur Helgason, Tessa Holyoake), 2016


Scott Davidson, 2012

Catriona Crossan, 2013

Raul Berrocal Martin, 2013

Mayulu Mayumbe Chaplin, 2013

Ross Kerr, 2016

Oluwafolabomi Shonubi, 2017

Exchange and ERASMUS

Pavla Zálešáková (Veterinární a Farmaceutická Univerzita Brno), 2011

Ana Cláudia Lima (Universidade do Porto), 2012

Sarah Milar (University Skövde), 2012

Benjamin Pelka (Universität Hamburg), 2013

Rocio Candorcio (University Complutense Madrid), 2017

Undergraduate and Summer Projects

Mark McVicar, 2010

Sarah Millar, 2010

Callum Collins, 2011  

Chris Blain, 2011

Haddon McPherson, 2011

Lauren Craig, 2011

Amena Al-Janabi, 2012

Gillian Belbin, 2012

Bianca MacLachlan, 2012

Jo Yu Ho, 2012

Katherine Henderson, 2013

Leanne Ritchie, 2013

Kirsten Geals, 2013

Peter Anderson, 2013

Rachel Wood, 2013

Claire McIntyre, 2014

Teresa Christ, 2014

Kayleigh Hogg, 2014

Godwin Tong, 2015

Lewis Harkins, 2015

Lindsey Bennie, 2015

Shatha Younis, 2015

Julie Nicoll, 2016

Craig Polonis, 2016

Rebecca Orr, 2016

Caroline Summers, 2016

Rachel Wilson, 2016

Matthew Gillespie, 2017

Caroline Douglas, 2017

Roisin McMorrow, 2017

Gillian Berrie, 2017         

Claire Carlin, 2017       

Metaxo Kyriakou, 2017         

Daniel Barclay, 2018

Jia Li, 2018          

Yimin Mao, 2018           

Cameron Wan, 2018          

Kristina Cerniauskaite, 2018

Ewan Murphy, 2018


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We are based at the University of Strathclyde, Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences in Glasgow, Scotland.

Summer 2018:  

We are relocating to Queen’s University

Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences,

Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine.  Kingston, Ontario, Canada.