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Strathclyde Electrophysiology Software

The Strathclyde Electrophysiology Software is a suite of programs for recording and analysing signals from intracellular electrophysiology experiments. The programs run on IBM PC compatible computers and work with many of the laboratory interface cards in common use in electrophysiological laboratories


Latest Software (Windows 32 bit)

WinWCP V5.7.8 (11/01/24)


WinEDR V4.1.3 (19/6/24)


Chart V5.1.3 (03/07/18)


Old Software (Windows 3.1/MS-DOS)

WinWCP (16 bit for Windows 3.1)


Windows Computer Disk Recorder (16 bit)


MS-DOS Software: WCP, PAT, SPAN, + other programs


- Conditions under which the software may be used

- Hardware requirements

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