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diskette Conditions of Use

At the discretion of the author, the software is supplied free of charge to academic users and others working for non-commercial, non-profit making, organisations. Commercial organisations may purchase a license to use the software from the University of Strathclyde (contact the author for details).

The author retains copyright and all rights are reserved. The user may use the software freely for their own research, but should not sell or pass the software on to others without the permission of the author.

Except where otherwise specified, no warranty is implied, by either the author or the University of Strathclyde, concerning the fitness of the software for any purpose. The software is supplied "as found" and the user is advised to verify that the software functions appropriately for the purposes that they choose to use it.

An acknowledgement of the use of the software, in publications to which it has contributed, would be gratefully appreciated by the author.

GEMVDI and the other components of the Digital Research GEM™ graphical user interface supplied with the software are copyright of Digital Research Inc, and are supplied under an independent software vendor license from Digital Reseach Inc.

The author gratefully acknowledges the support of the Wellcome Trust, and the Organon Scientific Development Fund during the development of the software.