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WinWCP Updates


Export Files: Records can now exported to ASCII tables as a series of columns containing channels and records.


Position and size of main program window now stored in INI file and restored when program restarted.

Tecella Pico Patch Clamp: Now uses TecellaAmp.dll V1.48

Seal Test: .SealTestGaFromPeak and .SealTestNumAverages ACTIVEX command settings now retained in INI file after program shuts down on completion of VBS script.


Seal Test:   Large incorrect measurements of Ga,Gm,Cm due to noise/interference now excluded from average and average restricted to most recent measurements. G access computation mode (from peak or exponential amplitude) option setting now preserved in INI file and can be set by .SealTestGaFromPeak Active X command. No. of cell parameter measurements averaged can now be set by.SealTestNumAverages command. Ga,Gm,Cm etc. now displayed as 0 if no data available.


Tecella Pico Patch Clamp: Leak compensation now implemented as 3 components. G leak (analog), G leak fine (analog), G leak (digital). 

Seal Test: Reset Avg. button which reset resistance/capacity readout averaging added. Readout average now also reset when settings changed on Pico control panel.


Bug Fixes

Tecella Pico Patch Clamp: THold for auto compensation functions now set correctly. THold=20ms,TStep=20ms,VStep=10mV. VHold=currently selected holding potential in WinWCP.

Protocol Editor: Incorrect extra sweep no longer displayed in digital protocols when No. Records =1 and Increment is non-zero.


Tecella Pico Patch Clamp: Tecella patch clamp control panel user interface rearranged to make capacity and junction potential control more logical and some bugs fixed. New commands added to COM automation interface allowing control of Pico 2 patch clamp (see Help file for details).
Bug Fixes   

Seal Test: End of steady state averaging region now determined from time of end of test pulse instead of from mid-point of trailing edge of command step, to avoid inclusion of capacity current when command step transitions are slow.
5/11 /18
WinWCP V5.4.1

On Line Plot: Ignore LEAK Records option added to excludeLEAK records from on-line plot.
24/9 /18
WinWCP V5.4.0
Bug Fixes  

Seal Test: End of holding level averaging region shifted slightly early to avoid it overlapping with test pulse when D/A update interval is longer than sampling interval.

Heka EPC-800 current command output now allocated to a different analog out channel since this amplifier has separate voltage- and current-clamp command inputs.

22/7 /18
WinWCP V5.3.9


On-Line Analysis: Find Cursors button added to Record To Disk window, allowing on-line analysis measurement cursors to be moved to default locations on the display. Allows cursors lost off-screen to be recovered.

16/7 /18

WinWCP V5.3.8

Bug Fix

Digidata 1550B: Missing DD1550B.DLL now installed with software.

05/5 /18

WinWCP V5.3.7


Stimulus Protocols: Sine wave protocol added.

08/5 /18

WinWCP V5.3.5

Bug Fixes

Tecella Pico: Junction potential offset determined in voltage-clamp mode now subtracted from membrane potential in current-clamp mode. Current stimulus bias current offset can now be added to set stimulus current to zero current-clamp mode. Input selection now adjusted to maintain connection to headstage or model when switching between current- and voltage-clamp modes.
WinWCP V5.3.4
Bug Fixes: 

Waveform Measurement: Do Analysis
measurements greatly speeded up for records containing large numbers of samples by using QuickSort algorithm to sort samples and by limiting % quantile measurements to a selection of no more than 5000 samples. Fixes problem introduced in V5.2.4.
WinWCP V5.3.3
Bug Fixes: 

A-M Systems 2400 now reports voltage channel scale factor correctly in current-clamp mode.
WinWCP V5.3.2
Bug Fixes: 

Real-time Plotting: 
 Position of real-time plot analysis area cursors on recording window now maintained when number of samples/record changes.
WinWCP V5.3.1
Bug Fixes: 

NI interfaces: 
Unsupported function error when A/D sampling started, introduced in V5.3.0, fixed.
WinWCP V5.3.0
Bug Fixes: 

NI USB-600X interfaces:
D/A update rate limited to no more than 500 Hz to avoid intermittent 5s delays at end of recording sweeps.

WinWCP V5.2.9

Bug Fixes: 

Potential gain now read correctly. Secondary channel (cell potential) now switches between Command Input and Potentisl Output when switching voltage- to current-clsamp mode.

Heka EPC-9 USB:
Change to amplifier initialisation to fix amplifier initialisation errror with EPC-9 and USB interface(not tested yet).


Axopatch 200 and AMS-2400: Switching of secondary (potential) input channels between amplifier current/voltage outputs when changing between voltage- and current-clamp mode can now be accomplished by software mapping of analogue inputs.


WinWCP V5.2.7

Bug Fix:

NI PCI-6010 interface card
Card can now be selected without producing error messages.

WinWCP V5.2.6
Bug Fix:
Record to Disk: Unwanted stimulus produced in first Free Run recording sweep after a stimulus protocol now prevented.
WinWCP V5.2.5
Bug Fixes: 

Recompiled using Delphi XE6 to fix missing property error when opening Waveform Measurement and other windows. Waveform measurements and curve fitting window also now be closed without errors when analysis or curve fitting in progress.
WinWCP V5.2.4


On-line Analysis: Between cursors average measurement added. Cursors and plot selections now stored in INI file.
Stimulus Protocols:
Scaling and Offset options added to user-defined analogue stimulus waveform. User-defined digital pulse waveform added.
Waveform Measurement: nth quantile measurement added.

WinWCP V5.2.3
Bug Fixes: 

Digidata 1550B: rebuilt DD1550B.dll. To determine if this fixes inability to detect 1550B devices.
WinWCP V5.2.2
Bug Fixes: 

Digidata 1550B: Missing DD1550B.DLL now included in installation files.
WinWCP V5.2.1


Molecular Devices: Support added for Digidata 1550B.

Averaging: "Interleave" mode added to averaging module, allowing interleaved series of records to be averaged.

Bug Fixes:

Protocol editor: Now correctly opens/saves files in default protocol file folder when WinWCP first installed.

WinWCP V5.2.0
Bug Fixes:

Record To Disk: 
Current amplitude scaling of records saved to file now updated correctly again if amplifier gain is changed during recording (fixes bug introduced in V5.1.7).
WinWCP V5.1.9

Bug Fixes:

Amplifiers: Axoclamp 2B default current scaling factors now correct.
WinWCP V5.1.8


DClamp: Dynamic clamp parameters now updated when control panel window opened.

Seal Test: Holding potential setting in use now updated with default holding potential of selected amplifier.

WinWCP V5.1.7

Bug Fixes:

Curve Fitting: Access violation when T=0 cursor > half of display width fixed.

Heka Interfaces (ITC16/18 etc.): 
 Default holding potential no longer set to zero between stimulus protocols.

Digidata 1550/A: Modifed to fix access violation when external sweep/protocol trigger selected (not tested yet).

WinWCP V5.1.6

Bug Fixes:

Record to Disk:  View->Superimpose traces menu option now works again in recording window.  Traces now superimpose on the display.
WinWCP V5.1.5

Bug Fixes:

Digidata 1440: "Error writing to device" error which occurred when external trigger recording mode was selected on systems running Windows 7 (64 bit) fixed.

WinWCP V5.1.4

Bug Fixes:

Digidata 1440/1550/1550A: wdapi1140.dll now correctly loaded under Windows XP operating system.

File Open: File name box in file open dialog now cleared to ensure that available files are displayed.

WinWCP V5.1.3

Bug Fixes:

Multiclamp 700A: Detected amplifier channels now correctly assigned to Amplifiers #1 and #2 (rather than Amplifers #3 and #4).

WinWCP V5.1.2

Bug Fixes:

Digidata 1440/1550/1550A: Now loads DLLs from C:\Users\Public\Documents\SESLABIO rather than WinWCP program folder. 

XML Settings files: Now ensures no. of input channels >= 1 when loaded from settings file. XML settings file now checked for settings records to avoid access violation if not present.

WinWCP V5.1.1

Bug Fixes:

Record to Disk: Marker Add button removed. Marker text added automatically.

National Instruments USB-6002/3: P1.0->PFI0+PFI1 now used as trigger line for A/D and D/A start synchronisation (instead of P0.0->PFI0+PFI1)

Heka EPC-9/10: Heka EPC9-USB lab. interface option. Current gain scale factor can be corrected using 'HekaGCF.txt' correction factor file. Heka EPC9/10 Now correctly maps gain list to gain excluding skipped index numbers.

Signal Editor: Repeated display update problem when multiple channels in file fixed.

WinWCP V5.1.0
Bug Fixes:  

Edit->Copy Data: Data arrays larger than 10000 points now compressed into <20000 before transfer to clipboard.

Axoclamp 900A: Changes to support but still not tested with hardware.
WinWCP V5.0.9

Seal Test: Zap function added.

DCLAMP: Half-maximal voltages for steady-state activation and inactivation and time constants can now be incremented separately. Parameter incrementing can now take place at end of protocol or after a specified number of records.
WinWCP V5.0.8


Record to disk: No longer erases display when switching between linked stimulus protocols (when no changes to no. samples/channels occurs).

Bug Fixes: 

Digidata 1440/1550/1550A: Now works correctly again on older systems. DLL files now obtained from PCLAMP or AXoSCOPE program folders.

OptoPatch: Now correctly sets units of voltage channel.

WinWCP V5.0.7
Bug Fixes:

Export: Leak subtracted, averages and driving function files now correctly exported.

Record to disk: Erroneous sample values corrupting first sample in P/4 leak subtraction records fixed.
WinWCP V5.0.6
Bug Fixes:

Digidata 1440A: Now correctly loads DD1440.DLL once more (fixing bug introduced V4.9.8).
WinWCP V5.0.5
Bug Fixes:

Plotting Records: Large signal records now correcty compressed using min-max envelope plotting (rather than only plotting min).

WinWCP V5.0.4
Bug Fixes:

Plotting Records: Signal records now plotted on printers and copied to clipboard correctly (fixes. bug introduced in V4.9.8). Records in waveform measurements window can now be superimposed.

WinWCP V5.0.3

Stimulus Protocols: New analogue and digital pulse train waveforms with pulse interval defined as frequency and incrementable by frequency.

Amplifiers: Dagan BVC-700A added.

Bug Fixes:

National Instruments interfaces: Error introduced in V4.9.6 which caused A/D input channels to be corrupted when No, Samples (per channel) was NOT fixed, corrected.

WinWCP V5.0.2

Digidata 1440: Analog input offset calibration factors can now be modified by placing a file digidata 1440 adc offsets.txt containing a list of offset values in the folder ..\user\public\public documents\seslabio\.
WinWCP V5.0.1
Bug Fixes:

Digidata 1550: 
Separate 32/64 bit version of wdapi1140.dll created for 32/64 bit Windows 7.
WinWCP V5.0.0
Bug Fixes:

Digidata 1440/1550:
axdd1400.dll and dd1550.dll updated to load under Windows 7 (64 bit).
WinWCP V4.9.9
Bug Fixes:

Long file names no longer corrupted by being split across lines in export list.
WinWCP V4.9.8

Interfaces: Support for Digidata 1550 and Digidata 1550A added (tested with 1550A).

Signal Display: Display writing speed now greatly increased for records with large numbers of samples/record by using min/max envelope plotting rather than plotting every point.

WinWCP V4.9.7
Bug Fixes:

Dynamic Clamp:Negative steps in activation V1/2 now allowed.
WinWCP V4.9.6


Heka interfaces: Digital stimulus output protocols are now supported on Heka and Instrutech interface units. Mappings between WinWCP recording channels and physical ADC Inputs can also now be redefined by the user in the AI Ch column of the Input Channels table in the Amplifiers & Channels setup dialog box.

Stimulus Protocols: The number of A/D samples/channels is now adjusted when the A/D sampling interval is changed, to maintain a constant recording duration (and vice versa).

Dynamic Clamp: A dynamic clamp control panel (controlling the Strathclyde dynamic clamp unit) has been integrated into WinWCP. Dynamic clamp conductance model parameters can be automatically incremented after each recording sweep.

WinWCP V4.9.5


Export: Multiple WCP data files can now be selected for export and individual channels now can be selected for all output formats.
WinWCP V4.9.4
Bug Fixes:

Amplifiers: Amplifier gain setting box in Seal test and Record to disk windows now correctly updated with user-entered current units (pA/nA/uA) in current-clamp mode.
WinWCP V4.9.3
Bug Fixes:

Multiclamp 700A/B amplifier channel #1 of second amplifier should now correctly assigned as Amplifier #3.
WinWCP V4.9.2
Bug Fixes:

Multiclamp 700A/B amplifier channels now correctly assigned to analog input channels when 2 amplifiers in use. CED 1902: DC offset now works correctly.

WinWCP V4.9.1
Bug Fixes:

Sampling interval of multi-channel ABF files now read correctly (no longer XNo. Channels too large.

Record to Disk: Signal input channel zero levels now default to Fixed Level (rather than From Record).
WinWCP V4.9.0


DCLAMP: Dynamic clamp control panel added. Can now change dynamic clamp conductance after each recording sweep.

Files: A prefix can be added to auto-generated default file names and date removed. File internal creation date form now fixed at dd/mm/yyy hh:mm:ss, ignoring local Windows settings.

WinWCP V4.8.9
Bug Fixes:

Loading WCP data files:
Invalid date format error now fixed when loading WCP data files created on computer systems with yyyy-mm-dd system date format selected.
WinWCP V4.8.8
Bug Fixes:

Tecella patch clamps: 
Now works correctly with Triton+, supporting 16 channels.
WinWCP V4.8.7
Bug Fixes:

ABF File Import: ABF files now imported correctly again.

Protocol Editor: Settings of last changed waveform element no longer reset to default when a new element added to waveform sequence.

Amplifiers ( Axoclamp 2): current stimulus output on AO1 now correctly scaled.

Amplifiers ( Multiclamp 700A/B): Communications link between WinWCP and Multiclamp Commander can be re-established by selected Setup->Reset Multiclamp 700A/B Link.
WinWCP V4.8.6

Bug Fixes:

Digidata 132X: Error in stimulus waveform durations when number of A/D channels differ from D/A channels fixed.

File Import: Blank lines or extra CR characters at end of line now ignored and no longer terminate file import.

WinWCP V4.8.4

Bug Fix:

Heka ITC-16/18. Stimulus protocol recording sweeps now initiated correctly without jitter in timing of pulses and access violation errors.


Record to Disk: Time to next stimulus now reported in stimulus protocol status box below recording sweep display.

WinWCP V4.8.4

Bug Fix:

Current scaling factor for Axoclamp 2 command current channel (AO1) now recognised correctly

WinWCP V4.8.3


National Instruments: PCI-6281 and other 18 bit resolution interfaces now supported.

Amplifiers: NPI ELC03SX now supported.

Axon ABF Files: ABF V2.X files can now be imported.

WinWCP V4.8.2


National Instruments: Support for USB-6000 - USB-6005 devices added.

ABF Files: Gap-free format ABF files are now imported into a single record.

Bug Fix:

Stimulus protocol files are now correctly detected and listed again in newly installed versions of WinWCP.

WinWCP V4.8.1
Bug Fixes:

Multiclamp 700A: Fixed problems introduced by update V4.7.3. Should now be detected again.
WinWCP V4.8.0
Bug Fixes:

Multiclamp 700B: Error when used with V1.X MultiClamp Commander fixed.

WinWCP V4.7.9
Bug Fixes:

Heka ITC-18: Yet more bugs fixed.

WinWCP V4.7.8
Bug Fixes:

Heka ITC-18: More bugs fixed. Now works correctly with recording sweeps with more than 50,000 samples. Detect Events recording mode now works. Corruption of analog output waveform fixed.

WinWCP V4.7.7

Bug Fixes:

Waveform Measurement:Memory access violation when peak signal is first point in record fixed.

Heka ITC-18 Memory access violation in Free run and Ext trigger recording modes fixed. Externally triggered protocols now work.


Recording: From Record zero level mode now available in recording as well as replay windows. Measurement zero levels for on-line analysis plots can now be computed from a specified regions of each record.
WinWCP V4.7.6

Analog signal input channels names now have amplifier numbers appended when more than one amplifier in use.

WinWCP V4.7.5
Bug Fixes:

Floating point exception when opening Tecella Triton-Plus now fixed. Padding at end of stimulus waveforms reduced from 1s to 100ms to speed up stimulus repetition rate.

WinWCP V4.7.4


Support for Heka ITC-16-USB added.

Bug Fixes:

RS compensation now works on Heka EPC-10 control panel and no longer produces access violation on startup.

WinWCP V4.7.3


Multiclamp 700B: Updated to V2.x of Multiclamp API. Should now detect two Multiclamp devices.

Heka Updated to latest version of EPC9DLL.DLL ITC-18-USB now supported (not tested). Access violations when EPC9 control panel header held down fixed.

WinWCP V4.7.2

Multiclamp 700B: More multiclamp messages written to WinWCP log file. This version may recognise 2 amplifiers.
WinWCP V4.7.1
Multiclamp 700B: Additional multiclamp messages written to WinWCP log file to assist debugging of 2 amplifier communications.
WinWCP V4.6.9

A/D input channel remapping now supported for CED 1401s, Digidata 132X and 1440 and ITC16 and ITC18.

2 Axon Multiclamp 700 B amplifiers (4 channels) now supported.

Bug Fixes:

Load/saving of amplifier/channel settings now works correctly.

Log files no longer placed on desktop.

Problems with CED 1401-plus (introduced in V4.6.7) now fixed.

WinWCP V4.6.7


Support for Heka EPC-9 and EPC-10 added (and also alternative support for Instrutech ITC-1600, ITC-18 and ITC-16).

Support for CED Power 1401 Mk3 added. Note Only 2 analog outputs currently supported.

Bug Fixes:

IMPORTANT: 2.5 fold error in ADC (introduced in V4.6.1) now fixed.

Dates and times now stored/read in UK date order in file header to fix invalid date format errors in US, introduced in V4.6.4.

National Instruments devices: Analog inputs 8-15 can now be remapped by user to inputs 16-23 in devices supporting more than 16 inputs, to allow more than 8 channels in differential input mode.

WinWCP V4.6.5
Bug Fixes:

Amplifiers: Dagan CA-1B Oocyte clamp support fixed.
WinWCP V4.6.4


Time of start of recording now included in WCP file header and time of day of record acquisition now shown in record display window in addition to elapsed time.
WinWCP V4.6.3


Record to Disk: window can now be opened without first opening a new data file (file created automatically).

Creation time of data files now accurate to milliseconds

'winwcp.ini' and .log files now stored in Windows \WinWCP\ rather than c:\winwcp

Stimulus protocols: Pulse train waveform enhanced to allow period of pulses within train to be incremented/decremented between recording sweeps. Four global variables have been added allowing parameters in multiple waveforms/protocols to be changed by setting a single common value.

Amplifiers Dagan CA-1B Oocyte clamp now supported.

Program now compiled under Delphi XE3 development system.

Bug Fixes:

Signal Editor: Data file now backed up correctly and Undo button works consistently (restoring file to original data). Various bugs in X and Y shifting fixed.

Waveform Measurement: Rise time now calculated correctly when more than one point selected for averaging of peak values.

Amplifiers:Multiclamp 700B primary channel units now reported correctly in seal test window.

WinWCP V4.6.2

Bug Fixes

From Record: zero level:
No. of points averaged to calculate zero now correctly updated when changed on Zero Level dialog box.

Laboratory Interfaces: Floating point errors on startup produced by out of range channel scale factors now provented.

WinWCP V4.6.1
Bug Fixes:

CED 1401:
Attempt to fix divide by zero error occurring with Micro 1401 Mk1 in V4.6.0. Invalid CED 1401 clock periods now set to be 0.25 microseconds if found to be 0.0.
WinWCP V4.6.0

CED 1401:
High speed clock now used for timing of A/D and D/A updates allowing more precise setting of sampling intervals.
16/3/ 2013
WinWCP V4.5.9
Bug Fixes:

CED 1401:
Sampling interval now rounded to nearest clock tick value rather than truncated to nearest lower value.

22/2/ 2013
WinWCP V4.5.8

Digidata 1440A: Maximum record size increased to 8000000 samples.

Seal Test: Pipette and cell resistance now displayed in addition to conductance.

Bug Fixes:

Corrupted record analysis blocks in WCP data files now replaced with default values when loaded.

28/1/ 2013
WinWCP V4.5.7
Bug Fixes:

National Instruments cards:
"A/D input mode not supported by this device" error with PCI-615X cards fixed (pseudo differential input mode now only used with PCI-611X cards).
16/1/ 2013
WinWCP V4.5.3


Seal Test: Cell properties can now be displayed as resistances as well as conductance. Resistance readout averaging period can now be adjusted by user.

Bug Fixes:

Data files: Records with invalid record types now have type set to TEST.

Leak subtraction: Flickering cursor with repeated display cursor updates when 3 or more channels in data file fixed.

18/9/ 2012
WinWCP V4.5.4
Bug Fixes:

CED1401: Micro1401 Mk3 now recognised and number of A/D and D/A channels set correctly.

Heka EPC-800: Default command voltage scaling factor now set to 0.1 V/V.

Stimulus Protocols: Number of samples inanalog and digital pulse waveforms now the same when same type of waveform selected and update rates are same.
3/9/ 2012
WinWCP V4.5.3


"Fixed zero level" option to prevent user dragging zero level cursors added to all display windows.

Record to Disk:
"Incl. stim protocol in file name" option added. Creates new file every time Record is started or a protocol changes and appends protocol name and sequence number to data file name. New files forced by changes in recording settings are now indicated .XX.wcp sequence number rather than appended pluses. Empty record no longer written to file when recording sweeps are aborted by pressing Stop button.

On Line Analysis: Rising Slope variable added. Plots linear slope of signal within user-settable (default 10-90%) rise time region of signal. Incorrect slope scaling on first recording sweep after program started fixed.

25/6/ 2012
WinWCP V4.5.2
Bug Fixes:

CED 1401: "Unable to find use1432.dll " error occurring with latest versions of CED1401 driver software now fixed. Version of use1432.dll compatible with WinWCP now loaded from c:\winwcp.
15/6/ 2012
WinWCP V4.5.1

CED 1401: Record sample buffer size increased to 8000000 samples.

Bug Fixes:

Stimulus Editor: Recording parameters table now filled correctly when no default protocol exists. Opened and Saved protocols now selected as default protocol if none already defined.
17/4/ 2012
WinWCP V4.5.0


Pico: Vhold, Thold, Vstep, Tstep of test pulse for automatic capacity compensation can now be set by user.

Seal Test: No. of input channels displayed can now be set by user.

Bug Fixes:

Record to Disk: Applying stimulus with more output channels than available no longer corrupts stimulus waveforms.

Input Channels & Amplifiers Setup: Access violation when switching between Amplifiers & Input Channels page wheninterface supports 8 input channels fixed.

2/4/ 2012
WinWCP V4.4.9


Pico: Use of C slowA-D components can now be enabled/disabled in automatic capacity compensation.

15/3/ 2012
WinWCP V4.4.8

Amplifiers Setup: Scale factors of Axopatch 200, AMS 2400 and Optopatch can now be modified by user. Disabling of telegraph inputs now enables manual gain/mode setting mode. Default current command scale factor for AMS 2400 patch clamp now set to 2E-9.

Stimulus Protocols: A/D sampling interval can now be directly defined as one of the recording settings. A/D sampling and D/A update intervals can now be set to exactly the same value and seal test window no longer limits the value that can be set for the D/A update interval.

Seal Test: Test pulses can now be sent to more than one analog output channel.

Tecella Pico: Updated to TecellaAmp V0.119.84. I=0 configuration removed. Current stimulus enable/disable option added which switches between current clamp and (I=0) voltage follower mode. Voltage scaling now correct in current clamp mode.

Record to Disk: Data files are now opened in sharedenywrite mode allowing other programs to open WCP data files while they are being acquired by WinWCP for read-only access.
24/1/ 2012
WinWCP V4.4.7
Bug Fix:

Seal Test: Voltage & current pulse amplitudes now computed correctly when holding potential is non-zero. Fixes bug introduced in V4.4.5.
18/1/ 2012
WinWCP V4.4.6
Bug Fix:

Pico: X2 error in scaling of currents in ICLAMP modes fixed. Note 30% current scaling errors in ICLAMP (2.55nA and 25.5nA modes still exist.
16/1/ 2012
WinWCP V4.4.5

Bug Fixes:

Leak subtraction stimulus protocols now correctly generate subtraction waveforms.

XML settings files now handle floating point data using both period and comma as decimal separator.


Record sample buffer size of Instrutech ITC-16 & ITC-18 interface cards increased to 4194304 samples for both ITC16/18 Lab. Interface driver options.

Seal test: Start/end of seal test waveform channel in current clamp mode and voltage channel in voltage clamp mode.

23/12/ 2011
WinWCP V4.4.3

Tecella Pico: D/A stimulus streaming mode can now be disabled.

Bug Fixes:

COM interface initialised before calls to XML file parser to fix random OLE system errors and memory access violations when stimulus protocols loaded and saved and Tecella settings saved/loaded.
20/12/ 2011
WinWCP V4.4.2

Record sample buffer size of Instrutech ITC-16 & ITC-18 interface cards increased to 4194304 samples.

Bug Fixes:

COM interface initialised before calls to XML file parser to fix random OLE system errors and memory access violations
18/11/ 2011
WinWCP V4.4.1


Digidata 1320: No. samples / record increased to 1048576 samples.

Bug Fixes:

Signal waveform display now restored to correct place in record to disk window (V4.4.0 bug).

18/11/ 2011
WinWCP V4.4.0

Curve Fit:
Data points for fitted functions now copied to clipboard by Edit/Copy Data in addition to signal data points.

Simulations: No. of samples per record can now be defined in simulation windows.
7/11/ 2011
WinWCP V4.3.9
Bug Fixes:

Memory access violation error no longer occurs when Digidata 1320/22 interface selected in Laboratory Interface setup box.
2/11/ 2011
WinWCP V4.3.8


Tecella Pico: Digital outputs (1-4) and utility DAC output now supported by stimulus protocol generator. User-defined waveform protocols now also supported.

National Instruments cards: Device selection list now only displays devices which are available on the system.

18/10/ 2011
WinWCP V4.3.7
Bug Fixes:

Laboratory Interface Setup: A/D voltage range setting is now preserved when device # is changed. Model name is now updated correctly when device number is changed.

National Instruments cards: PCIe6229 card D/A voltage range now set correctly 50 +/-10V rather than (+/-5V).

Absence of D/A outputs now detected correctly for USB-6110 devices.

Error messages now disabled when D/A output voltage exceeds available limits.

Cairn Optopatch: Default command voltage scale factor now set to 100 mV/V.
22/9/ 2011
WinWCP V4.3.5
Bug Fixes:

Heka EPC-800 telegraphs now supported correctly.

Stack overflow which occurred when switching between Input Channels & Amplifiers setup page on some systems fixed.

A/D Converter voltage range (in Laboratory Interface setup page) now retained correctly when program restarted.
24/8/ 2011
WinWCP V4.3.4


National Instruments cards:
Signal input channels can now be mapped to user-selected analog inputs.

Protocol Editor: Save button added. Stimulus protocol folder now selected using directory tree. Protocols stored using relative path names.

Seal Test: Display can now be zoomed in on horizontal axis.

Bug Fixes:

Floating point error when Record to Disk window opened with Multiclamp 700 amplifier selected fixed.

Signal Displays: Channel selection tick boxes no longer disappear off bottom of screen when several selected. Horizontal axis now has time calibration ticks.

Pico2: Gain calibration now correct,

20/7/ 2011
WinWCP V4.3.3


Stimulus protocol editor revised.

*Now supports up to 4 analog outputs (depending on lab. interface) and 8 digital channels.
* Up to 10 waveform elements can now be created for digital outputs
* Current-clamp stimuli can now defined as well as voltage-clamp stimuli.
* Recording settings (no. channels, samples/channel, recording duration) now incorporated into stimulus protocols.

Record to Disk

Recording settings (no. channels, samples/channel, recording duration) for free run, ext. trigger and detect event recording mode now set within recording window controls.

Stimulus protocol execution lists added, allowing lists of protocols to be created and run in sequence.

Help Files

New help file created. Now runs under Windows 7/Vista.

National Instruments Cards

Max. number of samples per record increased to 8 million.

Data File Names

New data file namenow based upon date  -YYMMDD_XXX.WCP

7/6/ 2011
WinWCP V4.3.2

Tecella PICO: Digital leak subtraction and digital artefact removal options added to automatic capacity/leak current compensation.
20/5/ 2011
WinWCP V4.3.1

Tecella PICO:

No. of samples in recording sweep can now be set by user (256-32768). Wider range of recording sweep durations available.

Voltage ramp stimuli now supported (for voltage clamp (+/-255mV) mode only).
10/5/ 2011
WinWCP V4.3.0

Current/voltage mode telegraph now supported in AM-Systems 2400 patch clamp.
21/4 /2011
WinWCP V4.2.9

Tecella amplifiers now supported using TecellaAmp.dll V0.119.54. Current clamp now scaled correctly.

CED Power 1401 digital outputs now work correctly (output no longer inverted). CED 1401 16 bit (10V) can now be selected without memory violation errors.
7/3 /2011
WinWCP V4.2.8

Support for National Instruments USB 6008 and 6009 low cost interfaces added.
9/2 /2011
WinWCP V4.2.7
Bug Fix:

Incorrect scaling of command voltages when A/D input voltage range is set less than +/- 10V fixed.
9/2 /2011
WinWCP V4.2.6

Additional pair of measurement region cursors added to on-line analysis module, allowing waveform measurements to be plotted from two distinct regions of the recording sweep.
8/2 /2011
WinWCP V4.2.5

National Instruments I/O boards: Min./max. sampling rates and availability of analog and digital outputs now determined from device information in library (requires NIDAQ-mx V8 or newer).

  /1 /2011
WinWCP V4.2.4


Support for Tecella PICO improved. Amplifier calibration now stored in file.

10 /12 /2010 WinWCP V4.2.3


Program automatically request elevation to run with administrator privileges when run under Windows 7 or Vista.
17/9 /2010 WinWCP V4.2.2 Updates:

Support for Heka EPC800 amplifier added.

Bug Fixes:  

Waveform measurements: X1000 scaling error in times when 'ms' units selected fixed.

Curve Fitting: Errors when opening curve fitting window with pre V4.1.6 data files fixed.
8/9 /2010 WinWCP V4.2.1 Updates:

Zap cell function added to Tecella patch clamp control panel.

Bug Fixes:

Device numbers for NI cards limited to dev1-dev9 range.

26/8 /2010 WinWCP V4.2.0

Bug Fixes:

Divide by zero error which occurred when stimulus protocols had no waveforms on palette fixed.

P/N leak subtraction now works correctly with stimulus protocols containing waveforms with repeats at a each voltage step.


Beta test support for Tecella PICO patch clamp added, including current-clamp and user configuration. A number of problems (including scaling of currents) still outstanding.
23/7/2010 WinWCP V4.1.9

Bug Fixes:

Digidata 1440A. WinWCP code modified to avoid unwanted jumps to -10V on DAC outputs during a series of stimulus waveforms.

Recording: Time ofacquistion for first two records in a series of externally triggered sweeps now stored correctly.


National Instruments boards can now be selected by device number when more than board installed. PCI-61XX series high speed boards now supported.

1/6/2010 WinWCP V4.1.7

Bug Fixes

Tecella Triton: Voltage waveform now correctly aligned with current waveforms. Resistance calculated correctly in seal test. Mingwl10.dll, libgcc_s_dw2.dll, okfrontpanel.dll libraries now included in installation package.

/5/2010 WinWCP V4.1.6


Now supports 16 analog input channels.

Support for Tecella Triton-plus patch clamp added (using tecellaAmp.dll V0.119)

Curve Fitting: EPSP function with erf() rise and double exponential decay added.

Waveform measurement: Rate of rise option computed from slope of linear fit to rising edge of signal added.

Conductance (computed from current and voltage channel waveform measurements) variable added to X/Y plot.

Analysis cursors labelled with time.

Summary and variable table lists updated. Tables can be exported to text files.

On-line analysis plot data can be copied to the Windows clipboard stored in the log file in tabular format.

WCP data file format changed to V9.0. Can now support up to 128 channel. Header and analysis block sizes now depend upon number of channels. Older format WCP files converted to V9 when opened with unchanged copy saved as .bak file.

Bug Fix:

Driving function module now uses correct time constants from fitted exponential function in deconvolution calculations.

8/3/2010 WinWCP V4.1.5 Bug Fix:

National Instruments DaqCard-6036E (Traditional NIDAQ support). Minimum D/A output update rate now correctly set to 1ms (rather than 0.1 ms).
1/2/2010 WinWCP V4.1.4 Bug Fix:

Current scaling factor for Axoclamp 2 HSX1 headstage now correct. Support for HSX10 and HSX0.1 added.
8/12/2009 WinWCP V4.1.3


Non-stationary variance analysis updated. Peak scaling of average currents now more accurate when alignment of rising edge selected. Scaling settings now stored in WCP file. Background variance can now be calculated from pre-signal baseline.

3/9/2009 WinWCP V4.1.2 Updates:

Data files can now be exported in CED CFS format.
CFS files containing 4 byte integer and 4 & 8 byte floating point data can be imported.

Bug Fix:

HEKA EPC-8 digital gain readout now works correctly when using National Instruments cards and (NIDAQ-MX) library.
/7/2009 WinWCP V4.1.1


Tecella Triton-plus now supported using V0.111 Tecella library. Tecella amplifier type autodetected.

Bug Fix:

Dagan PCOne gain telegraph now read correctly over full gain range.

18/5/2009 WinWCP V4.1.0 Updates:

1) On-line analysis window now has rate of rise measurement with 5 and 7 point smoothing and slope measurements. Precision of 10-90% rise time measurement improved using interpolation between points. Plots can be associated with stimulus protocol used by sweep.

2) No. of points in user-defined waveforms for stimulus protocols now limited only by size of DAC output buffer of interface card.

3) Tables of measurements in waveform measurement and curve fitting windows can now be printed out.

4) Displayed trace is now tidied up when terminated by user leaving uncollected sample points.
16/4/2009 WinWCP V4.0.9 Bug fixes:

On-line Analysis: Change made to fix bug which caused large incorrect times.
11/2/2009 WinWCP V4.0.8


User can now change the stimulus protocol folder, allowing sets of protocols for individual users to be separated.

Record marker facility added to record window.

Log file can no longer be edited from within WinWCP. An Add Note facility added to the Log file window. Changes to file ident and markers now logged.

Bug fixes:

winwcp.ini file size increased to avoid "Array full" errors when data files have long file paths.

Floating point error when negative signals selected innerve-evoked EPSC simulation fixed.

17/12/2008 WinWCP V4.0.7


External triggering of stimulus protocols when using National Instruments interface boards using NIDAQ-MX library now uses PFI0 (rather than PFI1) as trigger input.

(File/Import) Record sweep size can now be set manually by user when importing data from ASCII text files.

/12/2008 WinWCP V4.0.6

Support for National Instruments USB-6281 and other devices with >16bit ADC precision added.

Rise time and decay time waveform measurement precision increased by interpolating between samples to find exact time of threshold transition.

Bug Fixes:
Errors caused by setting D/A update intervals too short for NI PCI-6229 board to support fixed.

26 /9/2008 WinWCP V4.0.5

Bug Fixes:

Molecular Devices Digidata 1440 interface unit now detected correctly.

22 /9/2008 WinWCP V4.0.4

Bug Fixes:

Bug which caused leak subtraction pulses to slightly exceed duration of test pulses now fixed.

Export of large files to ABF and other file types no longer produces Out of Memory error.

NPI Turbo-Tec03X gain scaling now correct at all switch settings.

4/9/2008 WinWCP V4.0.2 Bug Fixes:

Vertical size of channel 0 on display no longer changed when file is doubled clicked within a File Open dialog box which overlies display area.

Vertical display cursors no longer apear outside of selected display area.
4/9/2008 WinWCP V4.0.1 Updates:

Support for Tecella Triton amplifier updated to use new TecellaAmp.dll.

Get Cursors buttons added to Waveform Measurement and Curve Fitting windows.
20/8/2008 WinWCP V4.0.0 Bug Fixes:

Minimum sampling interval for National Instruments PCI-6251 & PCI-6259 and PCI-6052 now 1 microsecond.
19/8/2008 WinWCP V3.9.9 Bug Fixes:

Error which caused incorrect A/D sampling interval being reported (possibly introduced WinWCP V3.9.7-8) with NIDAQ-MX when sampling intervals shorter than board limits selected fixed.
6/8/2008 WinWCP V3.9.8 Updates:

Support for Digidata 1440A added.
14 /7/2008 WinWCP V3.9.7


Signal display windows updated. Channels can be hidden and resized. Number and size of Y axis calibration ticks now better chosen.

Support for full range of NPI Turbo-TEC amplifiers added.

Support for Tecella Triton amplifier added.

Bug Fixes:

Bug in import from CFS file which caused repetition of data fixed.

29/4/2008 WinWCP V3.9.6 Bug Fixes:

Incorrect scaling of signal amplitudes when importing from Axon ABF V1.8 files fixed.
26/3/2008 WinWCP V3.9.5


Support for CED Power1401 Mk2 added.
Support for Axoclamp 2 and Dagan TEV200A amplifiers added.

11/2/2008 WinWCP V3.9.4 Bug Fixes:

Bugs which caused incorrect sampling interval and number of samples/record when detecting and recordingusing event detector trigger mode fixed.

Intermittent spike glitches in recording display when using National Instruments Lab-PC type interface cards fixed.
9/1/2008 WinWCP V3.9.3

D/A output channel to which stimulus is applied can now be selected within seal test window.

Bug Fixes:
Correct time calibration can now be maintained in Axon ABF format files exported from WCP files containing records acquired with multiple sampling rates, by exporting series of records with common sampling rates separately.

.2 Bug Fixes:

Data files containing more than 131000 points can now be loaded without causing memory access violation error.
30/11/2007 WinWCP V3.9.1


Minor changes to linked stimulus protocols. First protocol in list of linked protocols now restored to protocol list when recording stops. Holding potential defined in stimulus protocols now set immediately at start of linked protocol (rather than when recording protocol sweep actually starts).

20/11/2007 WinWCP V3.9.0

 Bug Fixes:

Changes in pulse delay and duration between first and subsequent pulses in repeated waveform stimulus protocols with National Instruments NIDAQ-MX supported interfaces now fixed.

5/9/2007 WinWCP V3.8.8 Bug Fixes:

WCP data files with spaces in their names can now be opened by doubling-clicking on the files.

Files can now be exported to folders which have periods in their names.

The message "Unable to create log file" no longer appears when more than one copy of WinWCP is running.

The file header array full warning now only occurs once.
4/9/2007 WinWCP V3.8.8

On-line analysis window added allowing waveform measurements to be computed during recording.
Buffer size for National Instruments NIDAQ-MX library increased to 1.2 Mbyte allowing over 600,000 samples/record

Bug Fixes:

Minimum size (8x8 pixels) defined for vertical and horizontal magnification mouse area.

Digidata 1320 no longer calibrated on program start to avoid "unable to calibrate error"

21/8/2007 Wi