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4. Getting Started & Basic Features

4.1 Registration & Logging in

Dont know where to start? Try the basic help or the quickstart guide

4.2 Basic Features

  4.2.1 myHome

The SPIDER home page - what it displays and where to begin in customising it to suit your requirements

  4.2.2 myClasses

myClasses allows you to manage your list of classes and access teaching resources

  4.2.3 myLinks

Create your own web links/ bookmarks/ favourites using the myLinks tool

  4.2.4 Discussions

Become part of the SPIDER community in the SPIDER discussion boards. How to post, edit and lock threads, and set up your filter to cut out the "noise"

  4.2.5 myNews

SPIDER news is a vital communication tool between staff and student users. Using myNews you can customise what news feeds you see with your news filter

  spider > documentation > basics