- Getting Started

Try reading the SPIDER quick start guide - its available in Acrobat reader pdf or html (web page) format.

- How do I login?

In order to use SPIDER you need to login. You can use either:
  i) DS username (e.g. abc04123) and password
  ii) SPIDER username (registration number) and password, if you have one

Enter your username and the password on the SPIDER login page, and click "login".

If you have never used SPIDER before, then you need to register. This will begin automatically if you try to login using your DS username but havent used SPIDER before.

- How do I register?

click on the register link on the SPIDER login page and fill in all the information. If you are a student and your registration number is not automatically entered for you, make sure you enter your registration number correctly. If you get your registration wrong, exercises & other activities you carry out on the site will not be correctly assigned to you, nor will you be able to access your exam returns and other class related information.

You must have a valid University of Strathclyde DS account to register

- I registered but didn't get a confirmation email/ SPIDER password in my email

You must have made a mistake when you entered your email address or your email account wasnt active when you tried to register. Email spider-vle@strath.ac.uk for further help, or use your DS username to login.

- I've forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your SPIDER password, you can login using your DS username and password, or click here to have a new password sent to your email address. You can then change your SPIDER password in mySettings. If you have forgotten your DS password, then you need to contact the ITS helpdesk staff in the Curran Building

- I need more help

The help wiki is a good source of constantly growing information about SPIDER and all its features, and is regularly updated. The site documentation and help, particularly the users and tools sections, cover many aspects of SPIDER. The training course documentation also has step by step instructions to most of SPIDER's features.

If you are registered and can login, try searching the discussion groups and look through the FAQ. If none of these answer your questions, email the site admin at spider-vle@strath.ac.uk

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> login
> documentation and help

SPIDER Administrators

System Admins
> Ian Thompson
> Tim Plumridge

Cluster Admins
> Dr Katharine Carter
> Mrs Jacqui Miller
> Ella Ness
> Dr Tim Plumridge
> Mr Ian Thompson
> Dr Calum Wilson

> Miss Katie McGlynn
> Mrs Roslyn Nimmo

> CIS Systems Support

> Mr Ian Thurlbeck
> Dr Ronnie Wallace

> Dr David Breen
> Dr Steven Ford
> Elaine Hurley
> Dr Nik Rattray

> Dr Nigel Langford
> Physics-IT Support

> Dr Stephen Butler
> Susan Conlon
> HASS Courses
> Miss Janette Ferguson
> Mrs Suzanne Kuboyama
> Mr Alexander Moir