Natural Products Scotland Conference - 25 and 26 September 2013


Pre-conference workshops

Monday 30th September



Streaming Marine Biotechnology through into business - overcoming bottlenecks and generating innovation

14:15 Registration
14:45 Welcome from Session Chair: Support and exploitation landscape and trends for Marine Biotechnology
Meredith Lloyd-Evans, Managing Director, BioBridge Ltd
15:00 Title tbc
Andrew Mearns Spragg, Chief Technology Officer & Founder, Aquapharm, PharmaSea Project
15:15 The role of IT and genomics innovation for industrial use of marine bioresources
Renzo Kottman, Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, MicroB3 Project
Merging natural and synthetic biodiversity for viable manufacturing
Dr Ian Fotheringham, President, Ingenza, SeaBioTech Project
15:45 Refreshment break
16:15 BlueGenics: Exploiting marine genomics for an innovative and sustainable European blue biotechnology industry
Bruno Ferreira, CEO, Biotrend, BlueGenics Project
16:30 Title tbc
Mike Cowling, Chief Scientist, The Crown Estate
16:45 Global and regional regimes for access to marine genetic resources and related benefit-sharing
Thomas Greiber, Senior Legal Officer, International Union for Conservation of Nature
17:00 Q&A: Speaker Panel



Joint  Meeting of the 14th International Symposium on Marine Natural Products (MaNaPro XIV) 2013 and the 8th European Conference on Marine Natural Products (Galicia, Spain)









International Marine Biotechnology Conference 2013 Sydney, Australia 

BIT's 3rd Annual World Congress of Marine Biotechnology  20th -23rd September 2013, Hanghou, China, Theme: Development and Utilization



The 6th international BIOPROSP Conference on Marine Bioprospecting from cold marine environment.


Bioprosp conference  

 February 20th - 22nd 2013


 SeaBioTech: Utilisation of metabolomics to study the production of secondary metabolites in bacterial symbionts isolated from marine sources.

  Download (pdf, 2 MB) 

 Lynsey MacIntyre et al.


Metabolomics as a Tool in the Identification and Production of New Antibiotics from Sponges and Endosymbiotic Bacteria

Download (pdf, 2 MB)

Christina Viegelmann et al