The Glasgow Centre for Physical Organic Chemistry

The Glasgow centre for physical organic chemistry is a newly established research centre - having received £4.4 million investment) - involving research teams from WestCHEM and SIPBS across the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde.

The centre provides a unique continuum of expertise to tackle research opportunities in areas as diverse as materials chemistry, synthesis methodologies and pharmaceutical discovery and development. It has capability to address issues from solution and gas-phase to the solid-state, from small molecules to biopolymers, and from nanoscale to pilot plant. We focus on topics of international significance to industry worldwide as well as to academic chemistry, that will help to:(i) drive the creation of 21st-century electronic materials, devices and technologies (ii) understand and exploit methodologies for assisting chemical reactions with the potential to revolutionise energy use in chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries (iii) provide new and more effective medicines through understanding molecular recognition in pharmaceutical systems including drug-receptor, drug-drug and drug-carrier complexes.






EPSRC, SFC, XstalBio, Organon, Merck, AstraZeneca, GSK, Bruker, CEM and Rigaku.



Prof Sijbren Otto (2 pm TG314) - Systems chemistry: From recognition to self-replication in dynamic molecular networks.... more

Dr Scott Cockroft (2 pm, TG 314) - Visualising and Predicting Organic Reactivity.... more