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6. Tools

 6.1 Standard Tools

    6.1.7 myLinks

This tool allows you to add your own web page bookmarks/ favourites or links to the SPIDER home page. Click on the myLinks icon and you will be shown a page listing all your links (under Current links) and an "Add link" section where you can add in new links. Add link

To add a link, type in the web address in the Link to box and a name for your link in the Label for link box. Click add link and will be added to your list. Current links

The list of you current links is shown under this section. To edit a link, simply make your changes, then click the edit button. If you no longer wish to have a certain link, just click the delete button next to that link and it will be deleted from your list.

  6.1.7 managing links

  spider > documentation > tools > standard tools > myLinks