Process Analytical Technology (PAT) / Spectroscopy Services

The use of in-line PAT (IR, UV, FBRM, Raman, etc.) provides real-time information and feedback that a model predictive control system can use to control the process variables. Implementing this kind of system can increase process efficiency and output, as well as minimising the potential for human error.

We provide expertise in process monitoring technologies and off-line benchtop spectroscopy techniques - Focus Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM), Particle Vision and Measurement (PVM) and laser diffraction, Raman, IR, UV-Vis.

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PAT/Spectroscopy Equipment

  • FBRM (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement)
  • Particle Track G400, Mettler Toledo
  • Particle Sizing, InnoPharma, Eyecon
  • PVM (Particle Vision MeasurementPVM V819, Mettler Toledo
  • In-Situ Particle Viewer (ISPV), Perdix
  • FT-IR, Matrix MF, Bruker
  • ATR-FT-IR, ReactIR 15, Mettler Toledo
  • FT-IR , MB3000, ABB


  • Raman, RXN2 Hybrid, Kaiser
  • Raman, RXN1,
  • KaiserUV-Vis, NMC 105, NCS, 651, MC 5651
  • ZeissTurbidity, CrystalEYES, HEL Group
  • FT-NIR, Matrix F, Bruker
  • Terahertz Raman, Ondax
  • pH probes, Mettler Toledo
  • Conductivity probes, Mettler Toledo

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