Materials Characterisation

The CMAC National Facility has multiple labs that contain a range of methods for material characterisation. we can perform analysis on a contract basis or our expert staff can provide advice on what analyses can provide the information you need to solve an issue or gain a better insight to your material.


Characterisation Equipment

Dissolution Testing:

  • pH Solubility Studies, inForm, Sirius
  • Surface Dissolution Imager (SDI), Sirius
  • Dissolution testers, DT726 (USP 1, 2, 5, & 6)
  • and DFZ720 (USP 4), Erweka

Thermal Analysis:

  • Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (DSC/TGA),
  • STA449 F1 Jupiter, Netzsch
  • Modulated DSC, DSC 214 Polyma, Netzsch

Physical Property Measurements:

  • Surface Area Measurement (BET Analysis), Autosorb-iQ-MP-2ST, Quantachrome
  • Mercury Porisimeter, PoreMaster 60, Quantachrome
  • Gas Pycnometer, MicroUltraPycnometer 1202, Quantachrome
  • Bulk/Tapped Density, AutoTap, Quantachrome
  • Surface Energy Analyzer, iGC SEA, Surface Measurement Systems
  • Dynamic Vapour Sorption, DVS Advantage 1, Surface Measurement Systems
  • Compression Testing (5N & 10N Load Cells), 5942, Instron

Physical Property Measurements:

  • Powder Rheometer, FT4, Freeman Technology
  • Liquid Rotational Rheometer, Haake MARS, Thermo Fisher
  • Flowability, Copley, BEP2
  • Single-Axis Acoustic Levitator with temperature and humidity incubator (OKOLab), Materials Development Inc.
  • Surface Contact Angle Goniometer, KRUSS
  • Water Activity Measurement, LabMaster AW, Novasina
  • Moisture Meter MA, Sartorius
  • Hybrid Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator, MKH-700, Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co.
  • Polarimeter, Autopol V, Rudolph Research
  • Nanoparticle sizer, IZON, Q-Nano
  • Next Generation Impactor (NGI), USP 601, Copley
  • Quantitative Circular Dichroism, Applied Photophysics


Benchtop Spectrometery:

  • FT-NIR, MultiPurpose Analyser (MPA), Bruker
  • FT-IR with ATR, TENSOR II, Bruker
  • 500 MHz NMR, AVHD500, Bruker (located in Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry)



  • HPLC-MS, 1290 with Q-TOF, Agilent
  • GC-MS, 5977A with headspace sampling, Agilent

Particle Sizing & Shape Analysis:

  • Laser Diffraction Particle Sizing, Mastersizer 3000 with HydroSight, Malvern
  • Particle Size & Shape Analysis, Morphologi G3, Malvern
  • Particle Size & Shape Analysis, QicPic/R06, Sympatec
  • Dynamic Light Scattering, ZetaSizer Nano ZS, Malvern
  • Nanoparticle Characterisation, NanoSight, Malvern

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