Secondary Processing Services 

A purpose built collection of laboratory areas adjacent to the primary processing facility house our entire secondary processing and formulation units. These areas are equipped with flexible exhaust ventilation for powder handling. The units include 11mm and 16 mm Twin Screw Extruders, a mini-injection moulder, bin blender, high-shear wet granulator, fluid bed drier, conical/hammer mill, dry granulator and a tablet press.  

We have Secondary Processing Formulation platforms for investigatation of solid oral dosage forms e.g. hot melt extrusion, blending, compaction and milling.

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Secondary Processing Equipment

  • Bin Blender, MB015AB (Agiblend)
  • Laboratory Blender, Pharmatech
  • High Shear Wet Granulator, TMG 1/6,
  • Vertical Granulator, Glatt
  • Fluid Bed Dryer, Strea-1 Pro Laboratory Fluid Bed Unit, GEA
  • Conical/Hammer Mill, Fitz Mill L1A, Fitzpatrick Company

  • Tablet Press, XP1 Research Tablet Press, Korsch
  • Dry Granulation, BT120 Bench Top Roller Compactor, Alexanderwerk
  • 11mm Hot Melt Extruder/Twin Screw Extruder, Pharma 11, Thermo Electron
  • 16mm Hot Melt Extruder/Twin Screw Extruder, Eurolab Pharma 40:1, 1000rpm, Thermo Electron

  • Mini Injection Molder, Haake MiniJet Pro, Thermo Electron
  • Cube Mixer KB, Erweka
  • Spray Dryer, B-290, Buchi
  • Encapulsator, B-395 Pro, Buchi
  • Aerosol Inkjet 3D Printer, AJ200, Optomec
  • Plastic 3D Printer, Leapfrog
  • Ancillaries: Tableting Tools, Disintegration Tester, Friability Tester, Sample Divider, Sieves (100mm & 400mm), Filters, Rotary Evaporator

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