3rd Pharmacy Practice: Research and Development Event - Poster contributors

Wednesday, 18 September 2019, 5:00 pm, Glasgow

Poster Walk
1The Advanced Pharmacist Practitioner, bridging the gap in Obstetrics, Gynaecology & PaediatricsLesley Giblin, Heather Main, Alasdair Pattinson
2What Matters to You - conversations in a community pharmacyHilary Evans, Dawn MacBrayne
3An assessment of the feasibility for the implementation of 'Medicine Sick Day Rules' in Older adult patients admitted to an acute admissions unit with acute kidney injuryGemma Kaur, Jenny Stirton, Marion Bennie
4Antimicrobial Pharmacy Technician Virtual NetworkAmy John, Sarah Thomson
5The Cardiology Training Needs of General Practice Based PharmacistsClodagh Clarke, Sheila Tennant, Nicola Greenlaw, Brigeen Girvin, Paul Forsyth
6Improving access to pain medication review for patients with musculoskeletal conditions in West LothianKaren Outram, Victoria Wilson, Hazel Brown
Policy and Practice
7Analysis of Temocillin Prescribing in the Royal Alexandra Hospital: Is there scope for prescribing improvement and cost saving?Christine Pender, Rachael Rodger, Alban Clareburt, Ysobel Gourlay, Andrew Seaton
8Developing a ward team approach to antimicrobial stewardship: Promotion of intravenous to oral antibiotic switch (IVOST) utilising the daily ward safety brief and a 'red to green' post display and review toolRachael Rodger, Maria Blaney, Claire McCutcheon, Lindsey Chisholm, Hayley Rankin, Ysobel Gourlay, Andrew Seaton
9Introduction of Practical Guidance on the Management of Unintentional Vancomycin Dose Delays: Has this Improved Missed & Delayed Vancomycin Doses?Jennifer Adam, Rachel Rodger, Jonathan Yates, Iain Jones, Ysobel Gourley, Andrew Seaton
10Perceptions and experiences of hospital clinical pharmacists relating to suboptimal pharmaceutical care: qualitative studies using the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF)Amanda McLean, Derek Stewart, Vibhu Paudyal, Moira Kinnear, Elaine Rankine, Caroline Souter
11Formulary Adherence Reporting across GP ClustersJane Browning, Helen Crozier, Anne Gilchrist, Simon Hurding
12Medicines Management for Patients who Require A Care at Home ServiceJacqueline Kelland, Ruth Campbell
13Discovering a Future of PharmacyNewman Kyeremeh, Roma Maguire, Lisa McCann, Alex Mullen
14OACs in the POAC: Bridging the GapDeborah Jamieson, Catriona Barr, Anthony McDavitt
15Outcomes of a Pharmacist Led Diabetes Clinic in Primary CareSandra Cahill, Sheila Tennant, E Cameron, N Clark, F Kinnon, J Pinkerton, Laura Towler
16Practicing Prioritisation: Exploring variation in applying a clinical pharmacy risk stratification tool by clinical pharmacists in Edinburgh Lauren Vickers, Alexandra Wallem, Fiona McIntyre, Marianne van de l'Isle, Amanda McLean, Caroline Souter
17Doing the right thing Factors influencing GP prescribing of antidepressants and prescribed doses for depressionChris Johnson, Brian Williams, Stephen MacGillivray, Nadine Dougall, Margaret Maxwell
18Increasing the uptake of the Medication Care & Review Service across an HSCP area through integrated workingJoan Miller, Julieanne Lock, Pamela Macintyre
19Release of GP Time Through Pharmacist Led Chronic Pain ReviewAdrienne Fraser, Sheila Tennant, L Crawford, A Reid, M Connolly
20Putting residents at the centre of pharmacy care home services, policyAileen Bryson, Annamarie McGregor, Helen Reilly, Boyana Atanasova
Patient Safety
21NSAIDs safer care bundle: An approach taken by the team at Campus Pharmacy to improve the safety of patients taking NSAIDsIsla Cubitt, Jonathan Burton
22Improving Education on the safe use of Medicines in Breastfeeding for FY1 DoctorsGayle Anderson, Lesley Giblin
23High Risk Medicines: supporting patients and prescribers on a novel class of oral anticoagulantsCristina Coelho, Elaine McIvor, Steve McGlynn, Yvonne Semple, Campbell Tait, David Murdoch
24Direct Oral Anticoagulant Patient Information Video: a healthcare professionals viewK.J. McKessack, L. Davidson, A. Weidmann, E.W. Watson
25Pharmacy-led DMARD monitoring in Primary CareMargaret Maskrey, Laura Kenicer
Professional Development
26The Pharmacy Profession "Competence to Confidence"Jill Cruickshank
27The Pharmacy Profession - Competence to Confidence (Part 2) “Emotional Development - the way forward”?Jill Cruickshank
28The Pharmacy Profession - Competence to Confidence (Part 3) "The 5 Senses of Pharmacy”Jill Cruickshank
29New challenges, new solutions: supporting the development of strategic thinking and quality improvement skills in pre-registration pharmacistsYasmin Al-Din, Cristina Coelho, Lesley Dunbar, Lorna Rankine, Sarah McDonald
30General Practice Clinical Pharmacist (GPCP) Competency and Capability Framework: Learning from the pilot assessment F Reid, F Stewart, A Macdonald
31Using learner feedback to develop and improve e-learning modules in pharmacyA Flynn, V Park, L Zlotos
32Evaluation of Training for Facilitators of Student Pharmacists Experiential Learning Arlene Brailey, Anne Boyter, Brian Addison, Alyson Brown, Jennifer MacDougall, Leanne Murphy, Ailsa Power, Gail Craig
33Transitions, confidence and competence: views of NES PRPS modular programme trainees and tutorsRuth Edwards, Ailsa Power, Gail Craig, Fiona Woodley, Wendy Leadbeater
34Evaluation of Training for Facilitators of Student Pharmacist Experiential Learning Arlene Brailey, Anne Boyter, Brian Addison, Alyson Brown, Jennifer MacDougall, Leanne Murphy, Ailsa Power, Gail Craig
35Cannabis Oils and Cannabidiol Oils, What are they and what are the differences?Colin Cable, Aileen Bryson, Alex MacKinnon, Gino Martini
Quality Improvement
36HIV Specialist Pharmacy Team Contribution to Improving Patient Care in NHS TaysideKirsteen Hill, Sarah Thomson, Anna Kidd
37Using Quality Improvement (QI) methodology to implement the NHSGGC Repeat Prescribing LESKirsty Thomson, Margaret Nugent, Patricia McGuigan, Kathryn MacCormick, Ray Dorran, Sheila Tennant, Adrienne Fraser
38Omission of Medicines due to Prescription Clarification Requirements in DME wards at Glasgow Royal Infirmary - A Quality improvement projectGemma Kaur, Jenny Stirton
39A Quality Improvement Initiative: The documentation of medicine information within patient clinical notes on the cardiology ward of Aberdeen Royal InfirmaryAishah Ali, Dr Iain Rowe, Dr Amy Arnold
40Medicines Reconciliation at the Community Mental Health Team and General Practice Interface: A Quality Improvement StudyChris Johnson, Karen Liddell, Claudio Guerri, Gazala Akram
41Improving equity of access to multidisciplinary polypharmacy review for frail, elderly housebound patients Karen Reid, Carolyn Armstrong
42The Identification of Factors Influencing Medicine Optimisation in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Survivors to Inform a Future Improvement Strategy; A Qualitative StudyHannah Prescott, Caroline Souter, Amanj Kurdi, Claire Hannah
eHealth and Technology
43Impact of electronic prescribing on prescribing errors at discharge: a feasibility studyEva Doolan, Eleanor England, Mara Gilchrist, Lyla Moncrieff, Kerry McGuire, Kirsten Nicholson, Julie Williams, Alison Mackie, Caroline Souter
44Shetland Isles Telepharmacy: Utilising Pharmacy SkillsAnthony McDavitt, Amanda Robertson, Duncan Johnson, Lisa Robertson, Clare Saunders, John McAnaw
45Electronic Prescribing Resources: empowering prescribers with knowledge at their fingertipsCristina Coelho, Mairi-Anne McLean, Faria Qureshi, Roy Foot, Yvonne Semple, Laura McCafferty, Justine Eastwood, Campbell Tait
46Development and use of existing software to improve clinical pharmacy team performance in follow up of patientsMarianne van-de-l’Isle, Jenny Scott, Fiona McIntyre
47A chronological review of Scotland's policies and strategic priorities for implementation of pharmacy-related technologiesA McNellis, K MacLure, D Stewart, J McAnaw
Innovation and Novel Services
48Developing national research infrastructure and activity: the role of a new drugs research networkJ Schofield, T Parkes, C Matheson
49Exploring acceptability and feasibility of an overdose intervention for individuals prescribed strong opioids for chronic non-cancer painRebecca Foster
50Annual Asthma Review in the Community Pharmacy: a pilot service Elaine Agnew, Dawn MacBrayne
51Specialist Respiratory Pharmacists: feasibility study of impact on exacerbations and hospitalisations in COPDV Hunt, D Anderson, C Montgomery, G Bryson, J Kylem R Lowrie
52Pharmacy-led implementation of evidence based medicine in primary care: Evaluating Diuretics in Usual Care Study (EVIDENCE)Angela Flynn, Alexander Doney, Amy Rogers, Robert Flynn, Lewis McConnachie, Isla Mackenzie, Thomas MacDonald
53HEvaluation of a Medicine Review Service in NHS BordersDawn MacBrayne
Patient Experience
54Community Pharmacy Scotland: Minor Ailment Service as perceived and experienced by patientsL Boag, A Boyter, K MacLure, S Cunningham, G Akram, H McQuillan, D Stewart
55Experience of Hepatitis C treatment in a co-infected population K Davidson, PC Hayes, S Morris, D O'Shea, H Rae, R Sutherland, J Turner, C Leen
56Development of Pharmacist Independent Prescribing Clinics to Treat Opioid Analgesic Dependence in NHS LanarkshireDuncan Hill, Elizabeth Marr, Clair Smith
57What matter to prostate cancer patients, carers and clinicians? Using consensus methods to identify Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) tools for use in clinical practiceEmma Dunlop, Marion Bennie, Jennifer Laskey, Julie Clarke, Kelly Baillie, Tanja Muller
Strathclyde Research
58Cancer Medicines Outcomes Programme (CMOP): Using existing data to understand outcomes in a local population Jennifer Laskey, Julie Clarke, Kelly Baillie, Christine Crearie, Rob Jones, Ashita Waterston, Tanja Mueller, Jiafeng Pan, Olivia Wu, Marion Bennie
59A literature review of human factors and ergonomics within the pharmacy dispensing processNatalie Weir, Rosemary Newham, Marion Bennie
60Investigating the impact of statin intensity on patients' discontinuation of statin therapyTanja Mueller, Renata Cristina R. Macedo do Nascimento, Marion Bennie, Brian Godman, Simon, Hurding, Sean MacBride Stewart, Augusto Afonso Guerra Junior, Francisco de Assis Acurcio, Alex Morton, Amanj Kurdin
61A novel microfluidic drug discovery platform for studying communication between independent neuronal networksChristopher MacKerron, Graham Robertson, Trevor Bushell, Michele Zagnoni
62Estrogen imbalance in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension: Profiling metabolites using LC-MS/MSNina Denver, Natalie ZM Homer, Nicholas W Morrell, Ruth Andrew, Margaret R MacLean
63IL-16 Modulates neuronal but not astrocytic activity via a CD4-independent mechanismAimee J P M Franseen, Owain R Millington, Hui-Rong Jiang, Trevor J Bushell
64Deoxymab-1, a Re-engineered DNA-Damaging Lupus Autoantibody, Shows Promise in the Treatment of DNA Repair-Deficient MalignanciesZahra Rattray, Jaymin Patel, Philip W Noble, Gang Deng, Valentina Dubljevic, Deanne L Greenwood, James A Campbell, Jiangbing Zhou, James E Hansen
65Silk Healthcare Technologies Seib lab
66Silk nanoparticles: unravelling the hidden potential of an ancient material John D Totten, Thidarat Wongpinyochit, F. Philipp Seib
67Inhibitory control within the lateral habenulaJack Webster, Rozan Vroman, Shuzo Sakata, Christian Wozny
68Development a risk predictive tool for Clostridium difficile Ansu Joseph, Amanj Kurdi, Marion Bennie
69Prescribing of antidepressants for Scottish children and adolescents with perceived psychiatric conditions in Greater Glasgow & Clyde (GGC): 2013-2017Sarah Alanazi, Gazala Akram, Marie Boyd
70Experiential Learning (EL) in MPharm Programmes: A Survey of UK Universities<Sabrina Anne Jacob, Anne Boyter