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Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences International Night

SIPBS International Night 11th May 2018, 5:30 - 9.00pm

SIPBS international night is a clan gathering, where we bring our cultures together, to celebrate our homes and our heartlands with pride and passion. We do so in a spirit of friendship, sharing food, stories and song.


We warmly welcome postgrads and staff to the SIPBS International Night, where we look forward to sharing the different food and cultures represented in SIPBS. The event is again free and open to families and companions, all we ask is that everyone brings the equivalent of a meal to share.

This event will contain some home made foods that are prepared in attendee's kitchens and not in a commercial environment. While the SIPBS Social Committee has taken reasonable steps to try and ensure safety, the preparation and sharing of food prepared this way carries with it an element of risk not found in a commercial setting and by requesting tickets you accept this risk as well. SIPBS, the University and the Social Committee cannot control the preparation of every dish and so cannot be held responsible for the quality of the food served. We will however ensure that as much information about a dish is available to allow attendees to assess if they wish to try it.

Food preparation and purchase

High-risk products such as meat dishes or unpasteurised dairy products should be purchased commercially where possible. If these are homemade then people preparing these foods must adhere to the 'food preparation guidelines' which will be circulated. There are currently no additional reheating facilities beyond what is available in the Hamnett Wing resource hubs/kitchens. Heaters with naked flames will not be allowed indoors at the event itself. Homemade food to be served hot should be prepared on the day. Food normally requiring refrigeration should be cooled as quickly as possible, not be allowed to warm up between cooling and serving, and transported in a cool box.

We would ask that if you are home cooking you are extra vigilant about kitchen hygiene, hand washing and the possibility of cross contamination from surfaces and utensils. You should not prepare food for this event if you have had diarrhoea or vomiting within the last 3 days on the date you intended to prepare the food.

  • If you do purchase food commercially could we ask you to hang onto the receipt.
  • Please remember this event may have a number of children present: food hygiene is important.
  • If you are preparing food there will be a safety leaflet/ sheet circulated.

Food serving

The tables will be based upon the premise of internationally recognised borders (so the Scots are in with the English on this one!). After registration closes we will email you a list of people who have registered for your country and you can co-ordinate your table.

A food notice should be prepared containing the name of the dish (very important), who made it, a list of ingredients and whether it was homemade or commercially prepared. Last year we had recipe requests, so if you do have a recipe (and time) could you type it up and display it as well. If the food or drink is commercially purchased perhaps a shop/ website name could be added.


Alcohol will not be provided by the organisers. If you bring your own, we ask that you drink responsibly and remember that the consumption of alcohol at this event is now covered by the University's Alcohol Policy.

Guest responsibilities

In booking you are responsible for your guests. This is important for any children, since there will not be any formal childcare facilities.

Any questions

In the first instance mail, or find any member of the social committee. If the volume of 'traffic' is too high we may post a FAQ!

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