Cancer Research UK Formulation Unit

About the Formulation Unit

The Cancer Research UK Formulation Unit was established in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1983 and moved to the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences in 2008. This move permitted upgrading of the facilities and expansion to meet the challenges of the future, both in scientific and regulatory terms.

The Unit develops putative anti-cancer drugs to a level suitable for Phase I and II clinical trials. This initiative was based on the Department's experience in the manufacture of small volume injectable products and its established clean room facilities. Since inception the Unit has handled around 100 compounds and manufactured over 1,000,000 product units. Several of the compounds have been passed to international pharmaceutical companies for further development and some are now available world wide for the treatment of cancer.

The Unit applies a full range of pharmaceutical research and development tools to each project handled. Expertise ranges from drug characterisation, to formulation development and regulatory requirements. The Unit is a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility with an IMP licence for the production of Investigational Medicinal Products. The Unit has dealt with compounds from right across the therapeutic spectrum including polynucleotides, antibodies, vaccines, polymer conjugated agents and small molecule drugs.

The Formulation Unit has produced a booklet about it's activities in PDF format (10 MB).  There are nine short video clips showing some of our operational activities on our gallery page.




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Professor Gavin Halbert
Director of Cancer Research UK Formulation Unit
Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
John Arbuthnott Building
University of Strathclyde
161 Cathedral Street
G4 0RE


T: +44(0)141 548 2454
F: +44(0)141 552 2562