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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 24 September 2010 04:15 pm

fixed a display bug that was hiding archive tabs on the category content pages of classes if there was only 'deactivated' content present

selectProgramme/ myHome
updated layout/ presentation of page seen when student users log in for the first time in the new session and confirm/ select their degree programme.

bug fix - index page was re-declaring a function now moved to includes

interface to Registry/ PEGASUS
getClasses - used by PEGASUS to show a user's SPIDER classes - updated to strip out 'sort' headings that are stored in myClasses to allow users to put classe under different headings
oracle_get_classlist_user - updated to update the classList_MIS table instead of just showing a users classes

updated news archive for mobile version of site

showInfo (info/cluster files)
updated to only show 5 session tabs, resorted to show newest first from left to right (same as classes)

activity module
fixed display errors in IE (li in ol was overlapping the content of the li); issue with div and li overlap fixed with attachEvent

news & discussion filters
updated to better layout; show/hide archived classes; show/hide classes by year

fixed results storage to allow for MCQs with 10+ options; same fix in quiz stats. Added MCQx - new question type that allows the question to have a maximum number of correct options - limits user selection to this max and also limits the score for the question to this limit.

SIPBS website
minor updates and changes (CSS, consolidation).



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IE attachEvent

Friday 24 September 2010 01:05 pm

was having fun with a quirk in IE 7/8 rendering a section of a page that was subsequently replaced by AJAX calls. Looked odd on first load, but worked correctly after a form submit/ AJAX call. So tried to use the onload event to get the page to automatically call the submit. Standard way didnt work, but found an alternative:


This is IE only, so the extra event is only fired in the MS browser (FF etc rendered the page correctly without needing to do this).


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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 17 September 2010 04:40 pm

new SIPBS website

  • got all the staff photos on. these were helpfully stored with the photo number rather than surname or username so it all had to be done by hand. tabbed staff profile pages working but big FOUC (if I can say that here) needs fixing (caused by o/p buffering for pdf version they don't want anymore)
  • various fixes (mainly css) to sort layout problems - still problems on pages that need changing anyway
  • new tool on spider (/deptWeb/new_profile.php) to allow staff to put in a short paragraph for their profile, upload / change photo (not delete), pick there five best / most representative publications for display on profile. RAdmin grant table not holding right info - needs a rewrite (not done) but then will feed the staff profiles.

quiz system
new marking scheme for multi-mcqs where only the answers the user checks are marked (for psychology). Realised that this meant that if all options in all questions were checked mark = 100%. Did a javascript to limit the number of checked boxes to the value stored in the question i.e. if this is two, clicking a third checkbox unchecks the first one selected. This is all done (dev) except the total to calculate final mark is wrong. This isn't cheat-proof, but these quizzes are run in review mode anyway.

booking system
system for rationalising the bookings of four hamnett wing seminar rooms that can be joined together (preventing conflicts like if 1 & 3 are booked a subsequent 2 room booking can't then be joined). This is all worked out but not coded as there are ~600 bookings on these rooms and the system doesn't necessarily know which items are booked together except for when these items are originally booked, so fixing this retrospectively won't work right

activity manager - project choices
altered the list to show numbers to be consistent with the explanatory text

Posted by tim

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FOUC = Flash of Unstyled Content, not the more rude version you may find by visiting the urban dictionary website...

Posted by Ian Monday 20 September 2010 12:01 pm

This Week's Tweaks

Friday 10 September 2010 03:38 pm

activity manager/ actiivty choices tool
updated to allow students to browse, search & filter the projects/ categories associated with an activity

updated as per prior post to allow for library link to be an option

showInfo (cluster files)
removed the 'contact spider-vle' message to avoid confusion - students email it to ask for timetables and other 'first day' information which we dont have

booking tool
updated to allow only admins to manage 'locked' objects (was sub-admins + admins). Updated colour in page to use shift_colour.

research admin
updated awards, spending and research funding pages - overhaul of code, presentation and created .csv outputs of data. Updated grant list and edit tools, REF pages and added status to pFact data (with updates to pFact entry/edit and view/ search pages).

updated shift_colour function as it wasn't correctly adjusting colours up/down - only did a one-step colour shift instead of incremental. Consequently had to adjust the values passed to function from main style sheet a few other recent modules that make use of this function.

updated student credits tool to allow for deletes

added showButton($name,$value,$onClick) function - used to make cancel style buttons

PDP - action plan extension
updated AP to allow edits to prior session entries during Aug/Sep. Updated layout/ presentation of AP pages - new CSS and added Year tabs.

radiation database v2
added seal bin tool and RP-7 pdf form


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library link

Tuesday 07 September 2010 04:52 pm

updated showClass and class_tools/manageClass so that the lib_link value in the main class table determines if the library materials link is shown on a class home page. Set default to 0 for now.

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Half a week's tweaks

Wednesday 01 September 2010 04:15 pm

Got a couple of days off to go to a wedding, so posting my bit of the blog early this week.

key skills updates now on live; added in 'comments' box for each comments on skills (per session). Uses +/- expand javascript to make textarea grow/ shrink so that it fits better in the layout. General update to fix PDP to display correctly for students who have switched courses (but remain using same ePDP). Updated credit assignment/ satisfactory progress to give staff 3 options - pass/ fail/ pending. Essentially allows staff to mark PDP as 'seen' by them, but not yet pass-worthy. Can now email student a message to say if PDP is pass/ fail/ needs work. Updated PDP progress view to show the new status.

updated SCRIPT on SPIDER and stand-alone SCRIPT to the v5 code base. Updated error codes (two old codes are now the same) in Rx.

updated classListSelect function to remove whitespace in codes - makes it easier to find a class when navigating drop down with keyboard.

minor updates - updated code so that only one instance of a degree is linked per PPIO_code. Updated reports pending to allow user to select session for reports to show.

radiation database v2
completed swabs/sharps disposal tool. Updated bin view to account for swabs/sharps usage. Updated showStock function to hide 'use' buttons if 0 activity left. Added 'standard stocks' for each isotope for use by swabs/sharps. Updated orders view to hide archived stocks.

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