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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 30 August 2013 04:45 pm

minor bug fix to sort session tabs which where ordering by ID rather than session (not sure how a student's later session could have an ID prior to a previous session though!) - update to inc_functions_data. Minor fix to archive of reflective diary tool. Updated strength/ weakness extension to correctly edit session if editing in Aug/ Sep.

interface with Oracle API stopped working, rerturning 0 rows . Turned out to be due to the 'binds' being global (prepended with a : e.g. :P_FACULTY). Removing the : fixed problem.

fixed bug in REFEntryEdit (publications editor) that could orphan a new publication if a user added it from a certain link.

PGR Apps
updated student list with registration status filter. Updated student details view with list of editors (finance/ admin view). Fixed bug in finalise & lock which was incorrectly working out months left for a student.

updated show_report to handle credit reflective log for the various domains. Updated to handle MPhil students (single domain). Minor updates to data fields in credit editor. Minor changes to data presented in add activity pop-up.

SSL/ cache
fixed issue with IE not showing file downloads over SSL - updates to downloader.php and class.pdf.php with cache control headers (see previous post). Fixed 'logged out' access to blogs (redirects were messing up due to https if user not authenticated).

updated user import tool to handle Huddersfield staff. Switched site to use SSL on all pages. Fixed signature font styles to work over SSL.

SIPBS website
udpated MPharm entry requirements for 2014.



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SSL and IE

Thursday 29 August 2013 04:59 pm

Switch of most systems on SPIDER to SSL resulted in a few minor issues. One of these was IE decided to not accept file downloads via the 'downloader.php' script or script-generated pdf files. Its due to the way IE (mis)interprets the various Cache-control headers - e.g. IE will create a temporary file when you try to view or download a PDF file, but before Acrobat Reader takes control IE will _delete_ this file. Not useful. Solution in our case was to add:

header("Cache-Control: private");
header("Cache-Control:  max-age=60");
header("Pragma: private");

to the downloader script and to the class.pdf.php script. The former two are the 'correct' way to handle this - private (user) cache, and to freshen after x seconds (set to 60 in this case). The Pragma option alllowed IE (v8 and older) to get the files as they don't appear to correctly interpret the previous headers.

allows caches that are specific to one user (e.g., in a browser) to store the response; shared caches (e.g., in a proxy) may not (need set to 'public' for proxy-caching).

specifies the maximum amount of time that a representation will be considered fresh. This directive is relative to the time of the request, rather than absolute. [seconds] is the number of seconds from the time of the request you wish the representation to be fresh for.

Pragma: private
alternative syntax for Cache-control: private


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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 23 August 2013 09:10 pm

upload of multiple documents to equipment pages for SOP, hazards etc

ongoing updates and some moving of goalposts relating to postgrad records system, page to view mailing lists

set up joomla 2.5 on spider-dev. straightforward except for permissions, docs suggested 777ing everything but I thought it was slightly more sensible to change the owner of the upload directories and bits of config that need to be writeable to nobody. May not have these issues on spider as it will take the newest version (3.1)

fixed minor IE bug with display of banners

fixed a bug where the new uploads were messing up the standard test results uploads

SIPBS posters
altered showPage to let the old poster pages work, only lets through 'poster*.htm', db pages in sipbs2

class descriptors
updated year transitions to allow early copy of 2012-13 -> 2013-14

exam papers
fixed a bug where the answers pdf would mess up the answer to question 60 when there are exactly 60 questions (will also happen at 120 if there are ever that many questions - not fixed this).

there seems to be an issue where students are missing year tabs caused by missing records in programmes_users. Not looked into what's causing this, just fixed the records of the two students who got in touch

Posted by tim

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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 16 August 2013 05:00 pm

FMT lab reports
made some updates to the marking scheme in spm02a. Updated staff view results page to use actual lab names instead of 'lab 1', 'lab 2' etc.

updated student record to correctly show current session duration of study instead of first record in database. Updated credit tools with various minor changes. Added in special cases for show_report to handle credit 'reflective log' report.

updated bioscience strength/weakness tool to allow students to back-date submissions to previous session during session transition (Aug/Sep).

PGR Apps
updated export tool with timestamp (as well as datestamp) to prevent file being cached by browsers. Updated data lock code to double check values meet target for fee/stipend. Updated stipend target editor to trim whitespace.

created WP and template sites (inc event manager) for SMSdrug.net site. Some customisation to template to fit with existing style/ template. Customisation of event manager and mail-outs.

Server config
updated main SPIDER & DEV sites to run entirely over SSL. Updated httpd.conf & ssl.conf to allow for multiple SSL certs for virtual hosts.

updated to navigation to allow for https sites to be included in custom nav links.

updates to forms to allow mutiple fille submissions for photos, genome files and related data.

updated with PG records management/ progress forms using custom version of tools from main SPIDER/ Beetle sites. Required some integration of javascripts and css from template and variations to allow all functions to work correctly.




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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 09 August 2013 04:12 pm

updated student_lists page to show degree code/ instance version to better allow admins to distinguish between different degrees. Made various updates to the Credits tools - tweaked access levels, changed labelling, extra fields in credit descriptors.

PGR Apps
Fee export tool updated to include source of fees and student name. Added 'lock all' button to allow admins to lock all the data for a department. Updated lock code to be more strict (no spaces in account code, valid amount and source). Fixed import messing up amount values with commas. Added writing up to the exceptions list to allow skip of validation on fudning lock. Updated student list to allow filters to show/hide 'writing up' and 'writing up beyond end date' students. Changed default degree filter to 'all' from 'PhD'. Added tool to student_view to allow setting of individual stipend (default to standard if no individual value). Updated student view to include registration lookup form to allow for quicker switching between students. Funding lines now include last editor/ locker (icon with hover to show name, click to view in teledir).

SIPBS website
updated various graduate school and UG bio degree pages. Updated PGR projects tool to allow projects to be set as in/active. Updated Research staff listings.

Updated inc_form_blocks to allow for a heading - type=heading, options=>array(HTML element,CSS class)


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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 02 August 2013 04:52 pm

updated new credit tools with file upload feature. Added 'approve all' feature to allow supervisor to approve all activities in a domain with one button (retained ability to approve individual credits). Moved add/upload to 'toolbox' at the bottom of each domain/session row. Tweaked layout to display alternatiing colour bands for each session row. Fixed SIPBS annual assessor report layout issue.

PGR Apps
Added news feed to members login page. Updated navigation with help page link. Created help pages for import, fees & stipends, export and search tools. Fixed session isssues with various tools (import/ exports).  Fixed issue with stipend edit not showing account selection drop-down correctly. Fixed student view add stipend AJAX code. Updated data import cron jobs messaging via mail to check completion status. Updated student list to show locked/unlocked status. Added progress summary to student list. Updated fee export with total column and fixed counter error. Updated search student tool with registration lookup. Began to add in 'lock all' feature and update lock data validation checks.

Reserach admin 
fixed bug in pFACT listing preventing filter showing correct search results


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