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Thursday 25 August 2011 04:59 pm

got the single signon working between myplace and spider. Uses HTTP_REFERER to decide whether the user has come from myplace and runs them through shibboleth auth if they have. Using the referer is bad but it means that the links on myplace can be standard spider page urls and nothing needs to be passed. The redirect after shib was a lot easier than I had thought. Normal logins are unaffected.

this is needed for 1st year students who need to log in just for pdp. Started work on a script. Did a nasty MIS dept ID => spider cluster array which should work for most new students. This is going to be very difficult to test.

1 migration workshop, the other one was cancelled. Did a script for myplace to get all spider classes for a user which will be displayed in a list for the 2010-11 archive.

QR codes
this is for research posters at conferences. The posters will include a QR code which links to a page on the SIPBS website with the poster pdf / more info links and a comments section. Set up disqus for the comments as it uses OAuth so people can post under facebook / twitter etc identities. It allows anonymous comments but there's supposed to be built in spam protection so we'll see how it goes.

Half did a script to upload a poster pdf and set up the pages but nobody else has asked for anything to be put up yet so it's not finished.

Posted by tim

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^^ the image disappears if you edit this. one for the todo list

Posted by tim Thursday 25 August 2011 05:05 pm

remote working

Friday 12 August 2011 02:55 pm

lab stock
updated with an import tool - takes lab chemical lists from an Excel sheet and imports the data. Takes in basic details (chemical name, hazard, amount, #containers) and smart adds new chemicals to the main database (including new H codes) using AJAX. Will update existing entry of a chemical if in same form rather than add duplicate entries.  Main tool updated to allow for new H codes (with images) to be added to chemicals and displayed in chemical and laboratory listings.

postgrad database
updated programme_students.php with export feature and option to list funding details. Fixed issue with central/local supervisor data in student_record.php.

more work on laser section. Needs some feedback from end users to confirm fields and what data they should contain (particularly drop down data). Fixed bug in monthly script to turn mailing back on.

updated DEV server inc_options to include label background images (emulating drug box).

activity manager
fixed bug that was preventing projects associated with future activities from being edited (should only block editing when activity is current/live).

spent a good few hours updating Shibboleth install (exploit in older versions of openSAML needing patched). Now have opensaml-2.4.3, shibboleth-2.4.3, xmltooling-1.4.2, xml-security-c-1.6.1 and xerces-c-3.1.1. As SPIDER's linux distro doesn't have rpm for these, had to install from source. Some issues with one or two packages not finding headers of others, fixed using --includedir=/opt/shibboleth-sp/ and --with-xerces=/path/to/xerces-c-3.1.1/src/xercesc and now updated and working.

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put a wrapper round the pdp for linking to from myplace. Uses widgetOff setting to hide nav and class links. Resize code works in IE and FF but some bits look strange in IE.
migration workshops & progress meeting

FMT exercises
fixed these and remarked the IMU students.

postgrad database
quick script to change DS usernames to spider in the database

updated website with new management & course admission info. One of the signage systems went down and offline but only needed turning off and on.

prescribing tutor?
needs a better name. still in the planning stages

Posted by tim Friday 12 August 2011 04:19 pm

This Week's Tweaks

Friday 05 August 2011 04:13 pm

got lab data extension working, attendance mostly there but I need to set up student accts on the test server to check it. n.b. the subversion is broken on the lab_data directory because someone deleted it and replaced it with labdata which was also broken.

There's a disconnect in the way the spider extensions work on myplace because of them being within classes, i.e. the only place the overall admin for the tool across classes can be accessed is from a discrete instance of the tool within the class. Also the links on the class page aren't linked to an instance of the tool but to an index.php page.
As a workaround for this I changed the class page to link to a tool.php page within the extension directory. This checks for instances of the tool within the current class. If there's only one it redirects, if there's more than one it prompts for a choice. This isn't as nice as having a list of the different items on the class page but this wouldn't work with the present setup and even if it did it would still be unconnected to the tool instances it was linking to.

updated error descriptions on spider-dev. gave access to staff at Kingston to the standalone.

SIPBS website
added in 360° tour. it's working a lot better now that we've paid them

Revision of biology material
this is going to be a self learning resource for MPharm students who don't have higher biology. made some sort of web page on myplace with the list of contents and got all the relevent powerpoints together and uploaded them to the 'MPharm' myplace class.

workshop jobs
still haven't rolled this out as I keep finding bits that don't work right. bug fixes, integration with asset register (only half done), fixed the print hazard sheet to include job / asset numbers and contacts but tried and failed to add a big 'warning: faulty' graphic

Posted by tim

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