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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 27 August 2010 03:15 pm

Change of session
moved SPIDER to 2010-11. Little to no impact this year, so we've obviously got everything happy with the shift.

HaSS & general class code updates
used the admin/changeClassCode_auto script to update all old codes to the new ones. Minor tweak to showClass to change wording on archived classes/ add link to new code. Created a new tool (admin/copyClassContent_auto) to copy entire class content from old to new codes.

Cluster and department name changes
updated cluster and department tools to cascade changes to all other tables. Updated CAS to music cluster, added various HaSS departments. Still need to sort out SCA, as not sure whats happening with that particular cluster. Update department tool to allow for 'inactive' departments. Updated various tools to ignore inactive depts.

SPIDER on a Stick - created a version of SPIDER to run from a USB stick using xampp lite. Had to make various changes to scripts that use the crypt function as under XP and other windows systems, crypt doesnt work properly with a 'salt' -

crypt ($password)  - works fine, but generates a different outcome each time (not useful).
crypt ($password,'saltofyourchoice')  - makes the system hang.

As SoaS had to be ready for the end of the week, and it wasnt easy to identify that crypt was causing the problems (wasted a day or so on finding the problem) changed the passwords to store in clear text (not very secure, but its only for a demo system).  SPIDER (well, SoaS) will be in China on Saturday - sadly I'm not going...

updated to make use of the co-ordinator changes (from free text to user-based drop down) already in manageClass.

research admin
update publications list to allow for filters, improved sql, layout etc.

created v2 of clinical attachment extension - reworking of previous version for final year MPharm. Key Skills now shows 'last' skill evaluation from previous session on the current session tab, to allow students to more easily evaluate any change from year to year (dev only while testing). Reflection Plan updated for new session with various semantic changes, removed class associations, improved saving process, extra "output view".

Class Reviews
e-version of class review system - allows staff to complete review form for bio classes - generates new data plus pulls existing data from classes, descriptors, etc.  All staff teaching on class can fill in, with co-ordinators, year co-ordinators, course director able to 'sign off'. Export to pdf. Admin level access to all reviews, with restrictions limiting particular classes to relevant staff.

SIPBS website
implemented changes to staff profiles on test site to allow for tabbed content and staff directed inclusion of database based content e.g. publications. Navigation updated. Seminars and news pages combined to give 'what's happening' page.

updated library search to account for changes in library search functions. Now searches exam papers, course textbooks/ reading lists, video.

inc_database/ discussions
fixed addslashes causing /s to appear in nicknames and other places.



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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 20 August 2010 04:37 pm

date chooser
improved this & added to all class content (activation / deactivation), assignments, questionnaires, polls. Hope it doesn't break.

switch group
fixed a bug where this wasn't resetting back to normal group properly. This took some tracking down, I initially thought that one of my scripts was making everyone admin which would have been a very bad thing indeed

reflection / planning pdp extension
improved this, but still not exactly right

news search
hide links and attachments on 'private' news posts. put this live

various bug fixes detailed elsewhere

Posted by tim

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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 13 August 2010 03:28 pm

core update - more fixes
fixed a few minor issues with the discussions and news. Updated discussion functions to separate class and group calls.

radiation database v2
completed dilution function. Fixed a few issues with stock view/history. Started probes and swabs/sharps disposal tools.

SPIDER mobile
added 'return to full site' option. Made 'add discussion' mobile work better (still needs tweaks).

fixed bug in linking to file uploads

research admin
updated user contacts (inc_ra.php)

"limit to list" class news is now only visible to the class members (in site and via RSS).

SIPBS website
template version of site - now has navigation and 'snippets' for adding in right hand column sections.

quiz tool
now has pop-up date picker tool. Potential to re-use for other tools that require date input.

bug in comments fixed

updating "reflection" add-on for pharmacy PDP.


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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 06 August 2010 04:06 pm

core update - fixes
fixed some issues with discussion display functions (link/ vlink colours, last poster, comms/discussion re-declaring functions/ missing includes); news filter bug fixed.

DS user find tool
added 'description' field - helps to ID staff level users

class descriptor
fixed to show co-ordinator name (bugged since shift to using username instead of email)

sendEmails & registration mailer
updated to include charity status 'strapline'

central Oracle interface
added script to access view that shows old->new class code changes. Realised Oracle access was blocked (since IP change due to SPIDER server moving). Access opened following email to ITS. Script now works to populate local table.

class code change (auto)
added script to automatically create a copy of a class with new class code (based on Oracle data from above) - option to archive 'old code'. Tool limited to admins (own cluster classes) and superadmin (all classes).

radiation v2
updated bin history page to allow filter by bin type. Began work on 'make dilution' from stock tool.

activity tool
minor bug fixes and changes to presentation of 'project' form.

SPIDER mobile
now includes discussion listings. Mostly done - "list" view completed (list of all threads), still need minor changes to "thread" view (list of all posts in thread), mostly due to user data (left hand 'block' with avatar quite large - will probably take avatar out to reduce width requirement).

SIPBS website
adding template for staff pages; profile -> pdf tool in development.

user confirmation that they've submitted the correct file (via new window view of uploaded file) - until user confirms, email confirmation of submission withheld.


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