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This Week's Tweaks

Thursday 24 June 2010 04:28 pm

SoW database
updated code used to manage users related to each SoW; fixed 'visitor' code, streamlined user lists (cut out the 1000s of users not using the system); updated pdf output.

added database extraction library to live site. All new developments to use this instead of in-line db calls

mobile SPIDER
started to put together a mobile-centric navigation - webkit version for android/iPhone and a 'standard' version for other phones (just uses 2 different style sheets, based on $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] containing webkit, and user accessing site from /mobile or not). Currently has home page, news (list and read item) and myClasses (list) pages. Rewritten various tools to use libraries in "inc_functions_[toolname]" form (e.g. inc_functions_news), so that existing tools and 'mobile' version can use same code base. Will be able to re-use these for widgets (for uVLE/ moodle) as well.  Added new style sheets (inc_style_handheld) and updating inc_style_main to account for these changes.

moved the backup server from the Todd server room (to be demolished in August) to the Royal College. Server renamed from BRUCe (the old name for bioscience only SPIDER) to SPIDER2.  Updated access rights (IP/name) to allow for mirroring (db and files).

exam database
now ready for testing. Extended pdf output capabilities using new library (tcpdf?). Can WYSIWYG output so that have full control over final pdf version of exam.

manage headings
can now use drag n drop to add/remove and order content category headings (lecture notes, slides, labs etc) on the class home page.



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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 18 June 2010 03:32 pm

SIPBS website
updated news_rss to show upcoming seminars

radiation database
updated order view to allow non-dmb users to see orders. Completed all standard usage/ disposal functions, including move/ disposal in temporary stores. Updated stock history to show temp store moves, with improved colour coding for moves. Started to code "undo" option.

made a few minor changes to the SPIDER course template for Moodle. Played around with basics of themes and CSS.

updated the inc_bottom to not display navigation if widgetOff session variable is set

fixed broken link to poll edit/delete in staff/admin tools

updated inc_discussion_formList to account for user defined headings in classes - creates optgroup items in the select list for any headings

added showArray function (prints an array with PRE tags)

myNews filter
updated with collapsable year headings, reformated to share layout with myClasses. Started to do same for discussion filter. Fixed typo in myClasses.

added countdown timer to quizzes - allows quiz builder to assign a fixed time limit to a quiz. Gives warning to user at 10,5,1min before auto-submitting and closing quiz.

exam database
can add questions (new question types), create sections and build exam papers. Potentially utilising new version of pdf library.



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Thursday 17 June 2010 12:28 pm

iwebkit is a handy css3 based tool that allows you to format webpages to make them render like iPhone/iTouch apps - worth investigating to see if we can make an i-skin for SPIDER. Also works in desktop Safari and Chrome browsers.

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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 11 June 2010 04:08 pm

Another Friday, another list of the changes to SPIDER and related web stuff.

SIPBS Safety - Risk Assessments
bug fixes adding 'riskees' to risks - supervisors not saving correctly and names missing from pdf version.

bug fix - 2nd examinar was unable to view their student reports.

Research admin
updated administrators for research admin system with new starts.

updated user colour preferences to use 'jscolor' module - a pop-up colour picker. Allows for much greater colour choices. The original colour swatches work in tandem with the pop-up.

radiation database
'make usage' pretty much completed, still testing. Picks up mismatched usage/disposals, missing bin options, scintillant volume, type and weights/ volumes. Need to add in temporary storage disposals. Added stock history view. Minor changes to orders.

backups on disk array
updated shell scripts to alternate backups to 2 different directories on disk array, giving a 2 week rotation of backups - extra code along the lines of:

# get folder to use odd week/ even week 
WK=`date +%W`
ON_WK=`expr $WK % 2`
if [ $ON_WK = 1 ]; then

the rsync then backs up:

rsync -rth /spider/stuff/ $SIPBSSRV2/$MYFOLDER

abstracting javascript to library includes, rationalising functions and improving overall performance - uses a smart loader to only grab scripts required.

Exam database
migrating SIPBS exam question database from Access to SPIDER.

Moodle 2
had a quick look at a demo site running Moodle v2 beta. Overall looks to be functionally similar to 1.9, but docs suggest 'under the bonnet' changes, in particular an API allowing greater access from external systems (e.g. SPIDER) to manipulate the Moodle data directly. Should be of benefit to the "SPOODLE" activities if/when core VLE makes the move to the new version. Ability to control release of content now present, a critical function for existing SPIDER users.




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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 04 June 2010 04:56 pm

updated the SPIDEEs pages with this years winners

update 'reports pending' tool to only show students as 'late' if their supervisor has filled in the appropriate parts of the report.

admin/ stats
update the stats analysis to pick up some of the latest phone agent strings

made some more developments on the SPIDER - Moodle integration. Created an 'autosignon' script that allows auto-login from the Moodle install on the SPIDER-DEV server to the SPIDER on the same server, as shibboleth isn't installed on the DEV system, so this was quicker.  Created a basic 'SPIDER' course format that passes the Moodle $COURSE->idnumber and $USER->username  through a script call in an i-frame that loads a SPIDER class widget. This then displays the class content "in Moodle". The widget retains all the SPIDER functions, but there is no further communication between the 2 systems. Will look into if/how that can be done next week.

took the database functions I'd been developing as part of the radiation database v2 and made them part of the standard includes on SPIDER-DEV. Reworked the userInfo script to make use of the inc_database functions - seems to work ok.

radiation database v2
started to create 'make usage script'. Minor tweaks to delivery script to fix a few errors.

updates to AJAX-ified news - fixing Javascript, abstracting functions. Can make and use mailing lists from the news tool.

widget bar
created library widget (grabs past papers and other content) from library - user can input any class code they like from the widget bar.


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