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Last two week's tweaks

Friday 22 March 2013 04:21 pm

updated events tool to allow for multiple additional editors field on events. Updated email confirmation with corrected day-related events. Updated editUsers to show names as well as username in delete drop down. Added delegate count to delegates list pages and updated export to include company/ affiliation. Updated getMapLinks function with extra buildings. Updated events to allow for sub-events, working on code to check capacity of sub-events and restrict registration to sub-events with remaining capacity.

tweaked inc_tinymce for WYSIWYG editing. Updated logic to handle word counts. Fixed bug that was not correctly disabling checkbox/ radio buttons for sections meant to be edited by other user groups. Fixed bug in reports_pending due to change in examiner/ assessor settings. Fixed minor bug in alt text for 'traffic light' boxes in inc_report_functions. Added white space at bottom of student_reports.

updated comm_pharm extension with extra options. Had to update existing data to account for this change. Updated code to handle diary/ comm_pharm entries separately for PDPs containing both functions.

updated sterile products lab reports to account for changes in labs (new/ different data collected compared to previous sessions).

Lab Stock
updated lab with 'delete all stock' button to allow for all stocks in a lab to be removed.

updated managePage to use inc_tinymce and added new version of tinymce to STS demo site.

created new version of web site for the centre using latest version of STS.

updated register.php to use inc_database functions (actual account record creation was using old code). Notification email now available for staff to get copies of bookings and links to booking approval - part of booking options. Custom fields now available as part of bookings - allows individual text areas to be allocated to a booking request to gather extra information. Checkboxes and potentially other options in pipeline. Added option to allow kit booking to be 'turned off' to take kit out of booking system. Further work on 'sundries' options for kit booking.

Images of research
added upload and edits for image files, text etc. Can add in 'prizes' and winner data. Plan to rework thumbnail view to square/boxes instead of scaled to fit.




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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 08 March 2013 05:12 pm

updated report builder to allow user to specify word limit and add WYSIWYG functionality to textarea fields in reports. Implemented WYSIWYG function in show_report (via tinyMCE) and word count. Still working on getting the logic to enforce word limits.

started to implement events (manager and display). Incorporated changes to report builder from main PG DB system.

implemented admin tool to manage institutions and their sub-units (faculty/ departments). Can edit and add the sub-units. Still need to implement these structure in other tools (access controls, meta-data). Working on custom controls for bookings - will allow users to specify on a per kit basis, additional 'questions' for the booking user to respond to e.g. consumables, training, checkbox options, notes etc. Other minor tweaks and bug-fixes to booking system. Updated notifications for out of service kit.

updated page links to vacancies, news and events to use 'friendly' URIs, and 'more' sub-pages with same link style and different side-bar content depending on nature of content. Banner now includes CMAC logo as well as the existing EPSRC logo.

fixed bug in add_event that was causing adding new events to reload blank page instead of showing added event data (could still find it via edit, but was not passing ID when a new event created, resulting in a blank page). Fixed issues with registration related to DS accounts (wasn't passing event ID if you logged in direct with your DS account, forwarding user to account creation minus the event ID). Updated account creation label on login page. Updated getMapLinks function with extra buildings.

Images of research
added the voting function to image gallery - involved complex changes to the actual gallery functions to allow for this feature.


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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 01 March 2013 05:01 pm

Updated programme to handle programme altered code system. Updated student_lists to reflect same change. Added/ updated tool to manage school & faculty settings. Added student import tool. Added funding import tool. Updated student record to allow programme changes, student email changes. Updated report reminders tool & show_report with changes from main PG DB.

updated news tool to colour code news status (active/ upcoming/ expired). Fixed bug in group mis-labelling visiting researchers.

Reminders - the system now accurrately sends emails 'to' and 'cc' based on the reminder settings instead of just copying new emails 'to' each user. The reminder code has been improved to pick up non-registered (on SPIDER) user details from the central data to ensure a reminder gets sent. Required updates to show_report report_reminders, inc_pg_remidners and report_reminders_cron job. Updated central import to include email address.

started work on tools to manage institutions (setting way forward for handling faculty/ department/ team hierarchy). Fixed multi-day booking bug.

updated registration process to improve user experience when registering/ logging in from single event page (forwards user back to the registration pop-up after registration, with auto-login for DS users).

updated inc_news to correctly display news items without text delimter on home page.

Lab data
fixed bug in Javascript that was stripping ' from names when editing data input.

updated news/ vacancies/ events pages with 'friendly' url. Updated showNews to show summary text/ small date data for news items. Updated vacancies to show closing date. Updated home page with new images and image overlay option.

Images of Research
researched available library functions for handling image gallery - none suitable so working on home grown version based on best available. Implemented file upload/ thumbnail creator.

Exam paper database
various minor changes to both content and formatting to address particular user issues with display of questions in 'paper' output.



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