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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 28 February 2014 04:38 pm

updated analytics code - now uses inc_ganalytics.php and part of codeprefs. Updated home page/ bottom to include link to twitter feed, with linkedin option (currently switched off).

PGR Apps
updated fees/ stipends to include history/ audit of all edits (created history table, updated AJAX to store changes, updated display to show click icon to show history). Updated app form to allow dept level access users

updated to allow for SUnBIRD and Strategy & Policy staff to get 'read only' access. Updated credits section to allow faculty level staff access.

updated style. Added abstract submission. Added delegate list tool. Minor tweaks to conference registration form.

ported IoR gallery tools to work in STS. Installed in MtF site.

Research admin
updated publication tool to filter out inactive staff.

MP508 portfolio
fixed bug in display in classic interface causing overlay of save button by bottom bar.

fixed bug in questionnaires hiding view option from admins. Updated questionnaire with scope (can target project list to restrict access to questionnaire).

updating judging tools  - added progress indicator animation to show judge progress through marking criteria. Similar function for admin level users for setting up eligibility criteria, which will determine which entries go to judging panel.

started to add options to allow events to cross multiple days.

started to add free/busy rules for labs (in addition to those for equipment). Looking to add limits to restrict users from over-booking equipment (e.g. putting 2 hour limit on kit) - will allow for both limiting kit time and user time.



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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 21 February 2014 04:34 pm

ported questionnaire tool from core to CMAC STS. Modified to remove section structure and rationalised table and field names. Updated sprites with questionnaire icons. Updated mailing list to allow for name in addition to email address data.

PGR Apps
updated faculty ranking code to fix issue with mis-ordering of ranks when new applications were added to existing list of ranked applications.

restructured log tables into per month tables. Added stats admin tool from core. Gathered various usage stats.

fixed bug in file link (path to files dir not set up correctly).

completed registration form. Began working on abstract submission tool.

further development of judging panel tools - marking criteria form to allow panel to rank each submission.


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Last few week's tweaks

Friday 14 February 2014 04:26 pm

SIPBS website
minor fix to staff listing page to remove duplicate columns. Created symposium registration form.

updated PG credits tool to honour the limit to dept/ faculty restriction correctly (was just limiting to dept regardless). Updated student record to show admin special needs flag. Added admin report to show special needs flag students.

PGR Apps
fixed various scripts calling un-needed JS libs. Updated HoD and faculty ranking tools. Updated tranche listing view for admin/ faculty. Added faculty tool to manage faculty ratings for apps. Updated app with 2nd supervisor option. Changed section order in apps in response to user feedback. Refined tables to improve performance. Added print view of tranche apps for dept admins. Added code to prevent non-staff from adding tranche apps. Updated admin tool to manage access rights. Updated access rights to fees/ stipends to allow for faculty as well as dept level rights. Updated student listing to allow faculty as well as dept listing. Started to create audit history function in fees/stipend tools.

fixed issue with file manager plugin. Updated members page to allow for longer icon text.

updated navigation script. Updated show_calendar to show new session events.

MP508 porrtfolio
updated marker assignment option (random plus manual assign x students to marker y). Updated edit restrictions for entries that are marker. Added admin option to edit any entry at any time. Updated file upload check to prevent user uploading files over limit number.

fixed bug in diary preventing correct session being saved on edit.

updated navigation to allow for non-nav heading if subheadings in horizontal nav option.

created template site for this new centre. Updated home page with carousel, news 'sticky' and rolling news features. Created analytics for site.

barcode PRS
fixed bug in libcode number storage when scanning matrics.

updated site with countdown timer. Created registration form for conference registration (wip).

fixed bug to stop users entering 0.00 value for swabs.

updated register page to fix issue with PG students accounts being created as UG.

updated class results to allow for ordering of data by various headings. EWS email added to allow staff to warn underperforming students (can be set to cc various staff as required). Improved uploader - various AJAX functions now used to allow staff to select class to assign data to.

improved search function features and range. Improvements to identifying active samples in database.

added feature to allow export of images and meta data into zip archives for admin users. Various udpates to admin features. inc judging panel tools.

charging features nearly ready for release. Final testing and help pages being written.






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