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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 22 February 2013 04:25 pm

added option to 'link reports' - allows admins to link a report to another so on submission user is taken to next in chain. Wiki pages updated with new screen shots/ updated instructions to access student/ staff reports.

Applicants database
updated all scripts (inc interface/ODBC/extract) with UCAS ID - was incorrectly displaying applicant number from central record instead of UCAS UD.

updated add_event to allow custom file name for supplementary file link. Made affiliation compulsory on site registration. Updated registration to link back to event if user initiates registration from an event page. Improved terminology/ clarity of wording to make distinction between site registration (account creation) and event registration.

updated lab designer to allow user to create 'irregular' objects (rectangles instead of squares). Updated 'resize' tool to also allow non-linear resizing (h/w not fixed). Updated zoom levels, making zooming more controlable. Booking now checks availability of technical staff/ operators of kit (lots of AJAX). Can view technical staff calendar (i.e all the kit bookings they are committed to running). Some work on booking notifications (WIP).

SIPBS website
staff page updated to remove 'academic related' - now listed with academics.

fixed registration tool - was creating users in wrong 'group'

fixed bugs in discussion forum stopping user icons showing correctly.

exam paper database
updated to include searching/ tracking of question selection (alllows users to select other questions but records selector/ owner separately). Working on versioning of exam papers to allow for model answer storage.



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Last two week's tweaks

Friday 15 February 2013 05:06 pm

Another double week of updates:

University annual reports now live on system. Replaced departmental equivalent annual report where present in student/ deg programme list of reports. Updated student_record to include assessor_2 and assessor_3 fields (former replaces examiner_2). Updated various tools/ reports to account for this change. Email on submission simplified for report submissions. Added direct links to report reminders. Admin 'most recent reports' tool updated to allow filter between quarterly/ other reports. Fixed tool so that it now correctly filters out students with no report requirement for session (e.g. writing up). Admin - 'view all students on programme' will set up any students with a default set of reports if they do not already have a set (this allows nag/ checks to work when these students would previously have been missed). Bug in financial data that was causing 'new' rows of data to appear after the total box fixed.

DeptWeb/ SIPBS website
fixed issue with tinyMCE versions and imageBrowser tool (various pop-ups not working due to version differences). Fixed style and 'Apply' links on PG projects and PIP pages. Updated staff page to show new MPharm director.

fixed various navigation/ home page issues related to usability (changed home icon to link to watchlist, settings icon to link to settings). Updated tabs code to sort this. Equipment edit page updated with new options to allow assignment of operator/ technicians to equipment (which allows matching of operators to equipment in the booking tools), mark equipment as portable and list the labs it can be used in (which again will link to booking options soon). Updated notes section to allow for WYSISYG formatting - this may be used as the basis for a 'public' page for equipment. Updated equipment page to only show fields with data. Allow flag on kit to make it 'private' so it doesn't show up in searches. Notification/ mail-outs being refined.

STS/ SCF/ SeaBioTech/ CMAC
fixed layout bug in showNews when news heading was longer than 'one line'. Fixed issue in userInfo_multiple stopping list of users showing (missing/ incorrect field names). Fixed mailshot bug (was in test mode so not emailing users). Fixed bug in file sharing prevening saved options redisplaying correctly.

fixed various issues with events - allowed embedded images, fixed issues to do with url_rewrite/ tinymce conflicts with image/ url paths. Updated register options to make internal/ external status more obvious. Updated registration pop-up to better designate login/ register links. Updated building options in building match function.

fixed bug in pFact submissions blocking addition of content with special chars.

Exam papers database
added more search categories (allow users to search using other users categories/ questions).  "Indicative answers" now available to essay type questions.


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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 01 February 2013 05:15 pm

deptWeb/ Researchadmin
fixed bug in REFentryedit causing research papers to be duplicated in staff listing of papers. Updated 'group' to handle ' in names. Renamed tool to match tab on web page.

added report_reminders/ log, changes to programme, student_record, credits, staff_view, reports_visa. Changed some style in inc_style_main. Updated data to correctly show supervisor FTEs. Fixed programme filter in student_lists. Fixed bug in financial data adding new 'row' of data after total.

fixed bug in reports. Updated programme_students to inject report list to any student with empty set and to copy central data to local table if none present for that student (so that reports pending report works correctly in finding 'empty' reports). Tweaked report_reminders to better show that multiple user groups can be reminded in a reminder entry. Fixed bug in financial data adding new 'row' of data after total.

made site live. Added new domain. Fixed issues with registration mailer VCalendar date/times. Updated calendar page with updated category colours. Edited events to allow for managed delegates. Updated system to allow editors to view events/delegate lists where they are listed as contacts as well as owner. Fixed pdf ticket to show room as well as venue. Updated navigation to match T4. Fixed bug stopping navigation highlight on matching page.

SIPBS website
updated staff page to show profile links for technical staff. Fixed bug showing full size image instead of thumbnail for some staff.

transferred all the fixes on DEV to live for booking/ equipment management to enforce security/ ownership. Multi-day bookings now possible. Booking groups now implemented. User view of 'my bookings' avaiable. Adding booking 'toolbar' including booking approval link and shows user details of booker. Added 'approve all' link to approve all weekly/monthly booking on screen.



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