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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 26 February 2010 04:52 pm

This weeks exciting installment of minor changes to SPIDER...

research admin tools
added timestamp to entries in the pFACT/ grant ownwership tool. Minor tweaks to navigation.

minor tweak to 'all quizzes by class' result viewer to show quizzes in name order. Bug fix to allow result modification to work properly for 'subset' style quizzes (e.g. 10/15 questions at random). Removed link to 'classic' quiz manager (shockwave version). Updates to quiz builder to strip 'junk' html from Word copy/pastes, sort out question list shown to user (defaults to own questions, option to view other 'public' questions), allow admin to filter on quiz_ID, conver internal html character storage to standard html in listings. Start quiz page update with bolder message to tell students if they are not in-class and doing quizzes as revision. Re-ordering quiz questions.

attendance register
updated to allow staff to indicate the highest current week that records apply to ( e.g stating 'week 4' rather than it defaulting to assuming attendance was blank if not entered for the current week by date calculation).

portlet/widget nav
updated style with a few CSS-3 options - drop-shadow and rounded corners. Only work in FF and Safari as IE doesnt support these -> move to separate style sheet for IE? Developing widget for 'standard' buttons home page as a 3rd column. Developing reminder widget.


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This Week's Tweaks

Thursday 18 February 2010 04:20 pm

posting a day early as I'm taking tomorrow as annual leave...

widget navigation
added logout button to the widget layout option on DEV server (login as username: portal  password: portal if you want to see it - note this is 'beta' level, so don't expect it to work 100%

lab stock database
minor tweaks to chemical list viewer and pdf export. Added mouseover to display 'amount' breakdown.

research admin database
updated pFact submissions with a browse option. Added in quarterly/ annual breakdown of submissions (tabular and data-driven graphic).

manage class reps
fixed display of student list to show registration as well as name - makes it easier to id correct students to add

myFiles_info + staff/assignment_check_out_class
updated to handle change of class content to e-assignment - now gives an option to check-out the assignment for the class when you switch a file to an 'e-assignment'.

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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 12 February 2010 03:14 pm

Aside from 'fixing' the back-up server this week, made some changes and updates...

updated questionnaire for the current Aston uni students to give feedback on the tool

template site
bug fixes for: admin/ user list tool, link saving in page editor

updated to show the status of archive content in the session tab - staff, class list only or all users

bug fix to enforce the naming of assignments is unique within a class - was allowing renames via file attributes edit page

added 'report fixer' tool to allow retro-updating of report structure for completed reports. Techy tool, as need to edit source to set variable for ID of report that needs fixing just now.

Research admin
added in "import finance data" tool that allows spreadsheet data from central finance to be copy/pasted instead of having to use SQL import

lab stock
updated stock entry to allow storage of '#containers' and 'breakdown' to allow for better description of chemical stock items

fixed bug that was causing data input via 'manual' option to fail if user didn't specify examination name. Now gives warning and returns user to edit screen to add the missing data.

bug fix: eval errors problem fixed. Added in image placement map to allow users to choose location of image in quiz question. Class/ assessments & quizzes page cleaned up - now has a 'dashboard' that indicates status of quizzes to staff/students e.g. deadline, when the quiz will go live; as well as giving access to quiz. Quiz resizing based on question content nearing completion.

class descriptor
now allows co-ordinator to add staff to class descriptor instead of having to edit class teaching list directly.


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Backup v3

Wednesday 10 February 2010 03:45 pm

Swapped the firewire card in to a new PCI slot and all seemed to be ok  - fsck on the drive fixed a few errors due to improper unmounting and it seemed happy enough. However, omreport system esmlog (Dell CLI hardware monitoring tool) is still moaning about "System Event - PCI System Error"... I'll see if the 04:00 backup on Thursday morning goes without a hitch. Long term fix for this is getting a new server, which is kind of on the cards anyway - got a bit of cash to buy a new server, was planning to get new hardware for when we move to the new building. Current plan is put CentOS on it, as using Fedora Core was a bad plan, due to constant updates every 6 months. If the backup doesn't play ball, can shift the external drive back to the live server and think about buying the new server earlier. Would like to hold off buying though, as the later I leave it the more server I'll get for the same cash...

update 11/2
the overnight backup went without a problem, so it seems to be stable enough for now.  I'll keep an eye on it over the next couple of weeks to ensure its not causing any serious problems.



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Backup update

Tuesday 09 February 2010 04:44 pm

The backup server was down for a bit of surgery - new firewire card and put in an extra 1Gb RAM (taking it to a mighty 3Gb total). However, on reboot and remounting of the external back-up drive, lots of I/O errors. It looks very much like there is an issue on the PCI bus, rather than the firewire card being at fault. So for now SPIDER itself is doing the 'external' backups to the drive via USB. I'll need to take the backup server down again tomorrow and see if swapping the firewire card into another slot sorts the errors. If that doesn't work then there may be a more general issue with the motherboard...

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Backup drive issues

Friday 05 February 2010 05:10 pm

The SPIDER back-up server was hit by the power outage last night, and its firewire connection to the removable back-up drive has been flakey all day. After much messing about with other drives, fsck-ing em etc. it looks as though the firewire card was damaged. I've temporarily swapped the drive over to using USB and as the back-up server is older and only has USB1 (!) ports, the back-up drive is now connected to the live server (no firewire, so via USB-2), so that back-ups can continue over the weekend.  I'll be shutting down the back-up server on Monday to swap in another firewire card to see if that fixes the problem. This wont have any impact on the live SPIDER system.

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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 05 February 2010 04:17 pm

questionnaire - group evaluations
Fraser's creating a variation of the auto-generate class evaluation tool targeted at group members to allow group evaluation questionnaires. The reporting side of it is still under development, but the script to generate the questionnaires, which then function as regular questionnaires, is on the live system. Once this first pilot has been completed, we'll link it into the main tools.

bug fix on DEV server due to odd merge table issue

lab stock
bug fix of image display of warning symbols for irritant chemicals

added controlled drug by installment Rx on FP10MDA for English prescriptions (updates to manager to allow selection of this Rx type and the Rx browser to allow filtering by NHS CDi). Updated in-SPIDER script v5 to allow editors to view Scottish/English backgrounds via toggle switch on script home page. Created custom 404 error and updated feedback questionnaire for Aston.

Research admin
updated several scripts to use an include containing various contact name/email arrays instead of hard coded name/email. Streamlining logic of some scripts and improved table structures (added indexes, removed duplicate primary/index keys). Still working on updating this for some scripts.

Radiation database
working on updating automated monthly emails scripts to correctly ignore staff/students who are no longer active users. Updated rectify warning script to send to correct RPs. [wip]

Biopharmacy 2
update to this class' lab reporting tool to de-class code the scripts to account for change in class code for session 09-10.

fixed bug in admin/ viewAllusers that was causing no users to be listed

general bug fixes (inClass/ revision not being passed properly, live/time release indicators to staff view). Quiz window size in 'window' mode scales to accommodate largest content or viewport of browser.

template website
file store system finished.


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