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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 23 November 2012 05:12 pm

Demo/ training session with colleagues from UCL and Kings in London. Very productive trip, a few ideas on improvements to the tool gained. Updated the manage test on return with filter by Rx type.

MPharm Early Practice Experience Programme - created STS website for this programme, focussing on discussion forums. Some updates to standard forums tools to bring in line with recent STS changes.

site now live. Tweaks to News page (changes to twitter feed pull).

udpated events listing page. Changed user_profile editing tool. Changed layout and added fields to the event management tool. Updated Calendar with new layouts (day - view) to allow for better visibility if/when multiple events in similar/ same time-slot.

updated lab_list page layout/ flow. Updated lab editing tool to allow for all data fields to be modified (cf lab_designer which has limited field set) - WIP.

updated inc_form to better handle quotes in element attributes.

Exam paper builder
fixed some bugs in pdf output tool. Changed logo to new style uni logo.


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This Week's Tweaks

Friday 16 November 2012 04:41 pm

Engage Strathclyde
further modifications to the style/ layout to adopt corporate look and feel. Updated members page with new icons and links to new tools. Added delegates listing tool. Updated registration tool. Updated index page login and register sections. Further progress with calendar/ events tools, fixed layout issues. Added in iCal notifications, highlighting of user's events (my bookings), mail-out on reserving places. Added delete event function for admins. Working on category filters for events.

updated add lab tool with floorplan upload (modified from lab_designer). Updated & extended functions of lab, equipment and group pages to better differentiate their roles/ purpose. Fixed bug in group page allowing users to add same resource multiple times. Updated equipment details layout/ links. Minor updates to booking system now online.

updated comm_pharm extension to restrict word count and to allow staff comments to be tagged to each student entry. Made live for year 1-2 MPharm. Modifications to some other extensions that use the 'diary' table to ensure no cross-posting of data between extensions.

updated layout on class results tool. Updated system with UCL and KCL 'clusters'. Updated user import tool with new clusters. Added new addresses for labels.

fixed bug in advanced search tool missing users if filtering by degree programme and 'completed' together.

Quiz tool
fixed issue with quiz landing page from direct link to quiz from Myplace not picking up style correctly and causing display bug in IE.

updated mysql_status tool with extra data/ info from slave servers.

Exam paper database
fixed issues with IE display bug in tabs. PDF numbering issue fixed. Bug fix of errant row adding extra questions.

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Last week's tweaks

Friday 09 November 2012 04:54 pm

Core/ General
updated various tools to account for changes in PHP 5.4 (particularly magic_quotes) - PDP + extensions, some of PG DB, booking tools - essentially just had to move these to use the inc_database functions instead of using in-built mysql function so that all user based input now goes through the db lib. Updated class tools to allow user control of Myplace link (some classes are 'admin' only - no teaching, but have admin related functions that use the class, which make no sense to link to the 'teaching' site).

Bookings tool
updated so reloads part screen instead of full page reload to increase efficiency/ user experience. Free/busy options extended.

Engage Strathclyde
created STS site. Started customisation of style/ layout. Tweaked config to allow for user config of background image (in STS). Created forms to handle events, calendar for 'visitors' to view/ book events.

updated lab_designer and lab_add to allow user to import floorplan image as a 'layer' instead of drawing the lab on the lab 'layer'

created a 'comm_pharm' extension to track experiential learning event for MPharm yr1-2.

fixed issue with prog_version not showing correct degree to PGRs.

updated show_report (edit) to have larger textarea fields. Updated 'students per supervisor' with more detailed FTE info, flyout of supervisors students. Reports_pending now has an active 'completed students' filter.

Exam paper builder
fixed issue with Javascript on IE (7) causing slowdowns in the question selector. Added 'edit-copy' question feature (adds new question to user by copying other user's question). Updated interface to include better labelling and info fly-outs.


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Last two weeks tweaks

Friday 02 November 2012 05:06 pm

Server upgrade
switched SPIDER over to new hardware/software on Tue. Didnt take more than a few minutes to switch the servers over, the  IP/network config between the old and new systems (server room 1) requiring network downtime, including a final reboot to get the network hostname change to fix (service restart network didnt do the trick). Configured old hardware to run as "spider3", with the intention of switching it to become "spider-dev" soon.  For now, its a second slave (along with spider4, in server room 2). A bit of tweaking was required to get shibboleth working (turned out to be the shibboleth/attribute-map.xml had the cn and other values commented out! which was blocking our scripts picking up usernames after authentication) and to get the slaves picking up the mysql updates, but otherwise went to plan and the system was only out for the planned 15 minutes.

Cron jobs required a bit of work, as those using lynx to call php scripts were failing. In the end switched them to .sh scripts to call lynx after exporting the proxy settings and they work fine. The Oracle/ODBC scripts needed a bit of updating to replace deprecated functions calls (oci_x).

updated mysql_status script to pick up new slave/ configs. Updated select/change programme to handle prog_version. Added getProgrammeDetails($prog_code,$prog_version) to inc_functions_data. Fixed auto-register script to better handle non-regd users coming in via shibb. Updated admin/optimiz_tables to include repair and status check functions.

fixes to the PDP top to manage the changes to account for updates in myDegree (prog_version). Created a new extension - experiential learning in community pharmacy, based on diary tool - needs final testing.

some further changes to the financial tools - udpated totals on manage screen to show breakdown by type. Still to add breakdown by budget code. Updated programme_students to show bench fee as well as basic funding. Updated programme-reports page to allow copy forward of report list from session to session. Updated staff filter to allow filter of suspended students.

updated to use latest version of template system.

fixed bug in register not correctly adding SU users location/ institution. Bookings - fixed bug causing display issues when switching between day/work/full week (complicated fix involving data formating/ security etc) - will allow for comprehensive data exchange.

Exam builder
fixed strange bug causing drop downs to not work in full screen window IE (worked in non-full screen, very odd). Feature improvements/ function/ display tweaks in response to user feedback.

PageBuilder/ PageLoader
minor bug fix due to switch in PHP version causing display error.

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